Virginia Beach
      October 21, 2007

      When I visited my friend Jen a couple weeks ago, we met up with her parents and sister at the beach. I’ve known her family since I was in high school; her parents were actively involved in our band activities in high school, so I got to know them well. It was great to see them!

      These pictures look so much better in Safari than in Firefox. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Why are my colors always so desaturated in Firefox?

      Jen’s nephew, Evan

      Jen and me!


      The 4th picture down moved me so much. I don’t know why but it really just gave me the chills… (in a good way)

      well that’s nice. and i’m sure that mike’s job is kind of the “security blanket”, (that’s what my plan for my hubby’s job was at least. hehe) you can’t pass up the corporate hand outs like pension, benefits and Christmas parties!

      may i ask what you did before going full-time and what kicked you to make that jump?

      Yeah, that’s my dream world, too. I’ve been full-time with the photography for three and a half years now, but Mike only shoots with me on the weekends. I spend the weekdays post-processing, designing albums, writing contracts and so on, while Mike is doing his day job. 🙂

      DAY JOBS?! *shocked* you mean this isn’t full time for you two? do you also have a day job charlotte? i was in that dream world that yourself and mike did just this. 🙂

      Oh no… he’s definitely not taking any photos right now. 😉 His other job as as a software engineer, so he is able to do that sitting down.

      i can’t imagine trying to take photos with a bad foot, glad to hear he’s on the good mend. 🙂

      Camino is a Mozilla-based browser for Macs. (Mozilla are the people behind FireFox and SeaMonkey, amongst other products.) It runs faster and more stable for me than FireFox does on the Mac. This is likely because it’s built in Cocoa, which is a programming toolkit direct from Apple. Drawback is that it doesn’t have as many extensions. I’m finding that I don’t really miss the extensions that much, though, because it’s nice and zippy and doesn’t crash, as FireFox was wont to do on me.

      I’m glad they’re fixing it. And I’m glad there are people out there like you who know this stuff.

      Mike’s doing great, thanks! He’s still in some pain, but he’s able to work again. The poor guy isn’t enjoying having to hobble around on crutches all the time, though.

      I asked the same question today. Apparently it’s a Firefox for mac problem that’s being fixed.

      300 f2.8… nice! I’d probably drop it in the ocean, though. 😉

      Yeah, in Safari, you can see the warm sunlight on Brody’s face, but in Firefox, his face is grayish. I’ve never heard of Camino… that goes to show you how much I have to learn!

      I’m glad to hear it, thanks!

      Oh wow, I didn’t realize that. Man, this stuff isn’t fun for me. I just want to take pretty pictures.

      Tech people love Firefox, but I don’t think it does photographers much justice!

      Thanks so much… It looks like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, but I guess Firefox is just crappy in terms of color management. All that matters is that my photos look great in print, and they do. I just get a little sad every time I post photos and they don’t look quite as good as they should.

      i use firefox, but my monitor is a POS! so i won’t comment on colours. beautiful photos as always charlotte!

      how is mike’s recovery coming along?


      Nice shots of the kids running on the beach. Love the wide horizontal action shots. You need to pick up a 300f2.8 for the next foray on the Atlantic :0)

      You had some really great light to work with and you captured it perfectly!


      Not all sRGBs are equal — the protocol has to be fully-formed to match perfectly. Honestly, since switching to Lightroom and CS3, the same steps that used to work under CS2 don’t work quite right for me anymore. RAW Developer still puts out a perfect Web-matched sRGB, but I’m too lazy and used to Lightroom batch processing.

      Huh, that’s interesting. I tried both Safari and Camino, and yeah, I do see a very slight difference. Safari looks a bit more saturated. I can’t be of any help, though. Sorry!

      I use Firefox, and they show up fine. Pretty!

      I love these, they’re so fun.
      Your photos look fine, but I’m on internet explorer, so I don’t know if I can help.

      Those are so beautiful! I miss the ocean…

      I use firefox too and I think it happens to my photos too. I don’t know what to do about it.


      Charlotte–I see that your images say they’re in sRGB color space, so I don’t really know why they’re not showing up properly in Firefox. However, I do know that Safari is what they call a “color-managed” browser, and Firefox is not. Here’s a site that talks about what this means:

      Although I’m not sure if the tips there will help, since what I take from it is that you should be saving it with an embedded sRGB profile, which it looks like you’re already doing. But maybe this link will help you in some way, so I’ll go ahead and post it.

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