From Chrissy and Barry’s wedding album

      I’ve been designing lots of albums lately! I thought I’d go back and post some of them here. Here’s the album from Chrissy and Barry’s wedding in Denver last year. They chose a 12″x12″, 46-page, flushmount leather album.


      I hope you’re able to make it back there sometime! I’ve been entertaining the idea lately of getting some portraits done of my parents, since they’ve usually just gotten pictures of the kids done :b

      Actually I’m having it print and bound by Bon Match.

      Thanks! I much prefer a simple, streamlined album design over some of the more elaborate ones that are out there. I don’t think simple will ever go out of style.

      Thanks! Actually I design them all in Photoshop. I like using PS for the layouts, because it’s easy to control the contrast and colors on each page that way.

      I do all my albums as print-and-bind, which means that I send the digital layouts to the book manufacturers, and they print them. It costs me more money that way, but it keeps the possibility of error or damage low. This album will be printed and bound by Bon Match.

      When I do custom print orders, I like White House Custom Color. Costco or Walmart is fine for my own family snapshots, but I wouldn’t go there for client prints. A good middle ground might be That is the consumer lab operated by the professional lab called Millers.

      Thanks! Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to travel there right now, but we both love that region and hope it won’t be too long before we can go back.

      you are so talented. seriously.

      gorgeous! is that a zookbook?

      These are so pretty Charlotte =) Great job, as usual. I just love the albums that you design, they’re so classy and elegant.

      These are great! Do you design them in Indesign? or another program?

      Where do you have these printed, or all your prints for that matter? I’m shooting my first wedding in July, and I’m doing it very low key – they’ll get all the digital files, but I’d like to print out a select few and give it as a gift. I’ve never been happy with Costco or Wal-Mart, but am not quite yet at the level to spend bookoo bucks on prints. Is there a middle ground you can recommend?

      So beautiful!

      You don’t have any plans to be in the pacific northwest (Portland OR or Seattle) in the near future, do you?

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