My style of narrative photography emphasizes personality, relationships, and storytelling. During a typical portrait session, I take several posed photos, but also candid photos of the unscripted moments. In Documentary sessions, I use a more photojournalistic approach to focus on candid storytelling. Whether you choose to document a special event or a typical day in your life, I will find the little moments of humor and beauty that are special about you, your family, or your brand.






      Family and Engagement sessions start at $399.
      Documentary Family and Birth sessions start at $599.

      Packages include digital files and other selected products.


      Personal branding sessions start at $499, and include commercial usage rights for social media, advertising, and publication.


      Choose a location that is meaningful to you and will bring back fond memories every time you look at the photos. If you choose a park or public setting, make sure it's a location that you actually visit and enjoy. The setting of the photos should tell part of your story in the photos.

      Consider having your photos taken at a place that represents your interests and personality. For example, if you love kayaking, let's head to the river. Or if you enjoy a nice glass of cabernet, let's go to a winery or wine bar. If your family loves to read together, curl up on your favorite spot on the couch.

      Be aware that many public locations in the DC area, such as monuments, historic sites, and parks, require photography permits acquired in advance at additional cost.


      For outdoor photos, the best lighting is just after sunrise and just before sunset. The sunlight is softest, prettiest, and most flattering during those times. I schedule most of my outdoor portrait sessions for about one hour before sunset. For indoor photos, most daylight hours can be successful.

      If there will be children in your portraits, it's vital that you schedule the photos for a time when they are well fed and rested. Tired and hungry kids will not be happy.


      Pinterest wants you to think that clothing is the most important part of portrait planning, but I disagree! The most important part is being relaxed and happy. Expressions and mood matter so much more than clothing.

      In order to keep everyone comfortable and cheerful, choose clothing that is not itchy, uncomfortable, or out of character. This applies to all members of a family, but especially to children.

      Make sure that the colors you wear look good with the colors everyone else wears. You could select a simple color palette and incorporate those colors throughout the group's clothing. A consistent color palette isn't essential, though, as long as everyone's colors work nicely together.

      Consider the location of your photo session, and choose appropriate clothing. For example, if you will be walking on grass or rocky terrain, avoid high heels. If kids will be tempted by dirt, don't dress them in white clothing.

      Items that you may want to avoid include clothes with writing on them, bold patterns, matching outfits, and anything that doesn't make you feel like yourself.


      When it comes to hair and makeup, be consistent with your typical colors and styles. You want to recognize yourself in the photos. Your best style for portraits is usually an enhanced version of your normal look.

      It's helpful to try to tame flyaway hair and facial shine. Consider bringing a hairbrush and makeup to the session in case you'd like to touch up as we go.

      Avoid makeup with glitter, because it doesn't photograph well. Glitter may sparkle in video, but it looks like spots in a still photo.

      When in doubt, keep everything simple and stay happy and comfortable. After all, your smile is the most important part of the photos.