I am grateful to be home with my family right now. If you are able to be home, too, please stay there and appreciate that opportunity.

      If you are working one of the many essential jobs that keep this society operating, thank you for your service.

      If you work in health care, I salute you with particular awe and gratitude.

      As for me, I have ceased all photo shoots until it is safe and appropriate to return to my work. Instead, I will spend precious time with my family and put my efforts into keeping my kids feeling safe and happy. These months will shape their generation.

      When my time permits, I will share current and past photos to brighten your day and bring some beauty into your life.

      But mostly I will be hugging this immediate family of mine and cherishing phone calls and texts with the family and friends that I can’t hug for a while.

      Hang in there, everyone. We’re in this together.

      Charlotte Geary


      Lifestyle, event, and portrait photographer with a vibrant, joyful style and 17 years of professional experience.

      Located in Reston, Virginia near Washington, D.C. and available for travel.