Jen, Brody, Kurt, and Seth
      Virginia Beach, Virginia
      October 20, 2007

      I traveled to Virginia Beach last month to visit my good friend Jen and her adorable family. Jen is another one of my color guard friends, and she and I have been through so much together over the years. We were guard captains together in high school, and we used to double-date with our high school boyfriends. Years later we ended up working together at K12 in Virginia. We were officemates, and got ourselves in frequent trouble from all our nonproductive mischief. Ah, those were the days.

      Jen’s kids are so cute! Brody was just a baby the last time I saw him, and this was the first time I’d met Seth. It was so good to see them.

      More photos of their family

      Brody, age three and a half

      Seth, age one and a half

      Look at those eyes!



      Love this one.

      Look at those eyes!

      Fun with wide angle.

      I love this photo and the two that follow. Seth had fallen and hurt himself.

      Look at that little tear.

      I love seeing my friends as mothers. Jen’s a great one.


      What great picture’s. Charlotte, you always know how to capture the moment. It’s nice to see pictures of old friends you have not seen in a long time.


      Thanks – it sucks! But at least it still looks ok for the most part 🙂 I just hate that I’ve had to cut it short. I’m queen of the ponytail, and it always distresses me when my hair is too short to pull back 🙂

      Re: The Akers Photos

      Hi, Ma and Pa Stockton!! It was so great to see you guys, and I’m thrilled that you like the photos. 🙂

      Re: So fun!

      Hi Amy! I’m so glad you liked the pictures! You should bring Alison down to play with the boys… they are such a sweet duo. I look forward to meeting Alison someday, too!

      I’m glad you can tell that by the photos, because it’s so true!

      I have this image of the future where these two boys are each other’s best men at their weddings, and they look back on that photo and smile. And their mom cries. 😉

      Aw, your photo with your sister sounds so nice! I really hope these two boys remember this photo when they’re grown up, too.

      Isn’t that the truth! On this “vacation,” I ended up doing six photo shoots. The only thing resembling vacation was my time away from email and album designs. I’m worn out!

      Oh no, your hair is falling out? I’m sorry to hear it. I hope the doctor figures it out soon!

      awwwwwwwww, what a great family and those last few are precious.

      The Akers Photos

      What a gorgeous, loving family!! Such adorable, sweet, happy children. You really captured it all. We will cherish these always. Thank you so much, Charlotte.

      Love, Kathy and Chuck
      Grandparents of these special little ones

      These are great photos, and I’m sure they’ll love them. 🙂 The ones of Jen comforting Seth are precious.

      So fun!

      I was reading Jen’s blog about you being there to visit and that you took pictures. I’ve so been looking forward to seeing them!! You did a great job (of course). They are such a cute family. Those boys are adorable. I need to get down there and visit. My Alison is the same age as Seth.

      Love looking at your work. You are A-Mazing!

      Oh wow, what an awesome family. The boys look like they get along really well!

      Aww, those little guys are such charmers 🙂 %u2665

      I adore the one of the two boys sitting in the middle of the path. So precious.

      So sweet!

      I love (okay, all of them, but especially) the one of the two boys sitting together on the path. I have a vaguely similar picture of myself with my sister – I’m probably six months old and she would be three – looking at each other. I don’t know why, but I LOVE that picture, and I think those boys will feel the same way about that picture later.

      Heaven’s woman! Even when you’re “on vacation” you’re working!!

      I have so much enjoyed your family portrait shots!

      I have a feeling that my husband and I should get some done soon, while I still have hair. :-/ *My doctor is trying to figure out if I have a case of alopecia or if it’s related to medicine I’m taking.*

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