Ashley, modeling one of Alisa Benay’s custom wedding gowns
      Briarhurst Manor
      Manitou Springs, Colorado
      November 5, 2007

      Alisa Benay is a designer of couture wedding gowns in a vintage style. She asked me to photograph her newest collection of beautiful gowns, which was really exciting for me. Her gowns are gorgeous and unlike any that I’ve had an opportunity to photograph in the past. I really hope her new line is highly successful, because I’d love to photograph brides in her gowns!

      Designer: Alisa Benay (her blog)
      Model: Ashley Elizabet Ritchie
      Hair and makeup: Katelyn Simkins
      Venue: Briarhurst Manor


      wow! those dresses are beautiful!

      That would be great if you could post this link, thanks! I’d love for Alisa to get as much exposure as possible.

      wow on those dresses! i’m sure that your teaming up with her will only mean success! great work!

      those are cute, and i love the photos

      You are awesome! The dresses are absolutely to die for… and you picked the best photographer 😉 for the job! She is the best.

      Thanks so much to everyone. Your comments are very flattering! I’ve had a fun time making this line & am very encouraged by the positive reception it’s gotten so far.

      The eighth shot, with the pink and green… I want that dress so badly. Where I would wear it, I have no idea 🙂

      You really did these justice. Great job.

      those dresses are amazing!

      I love the one with the pink bustle.

      The model must have had fun getting in and out of those 😉

      Those are really unique!

      SqUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love them! I also love the way the model holds her hands…just lovely!

      Those gowns are spectacular. If I had seen that when I was looking I would have sold everything I had to wear it for a day.

      My dress had color and flowers but these dresses are the perfect realization of what I wanted.

      Lovely!! Good luck to her!

      (Do you mind if I put this link in my journal?)

      wow … stunning. so luxe and beautiful!

      OMG, so beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to model those! haha. 🙂 Any excuse to wear them! 🙂

      wow, how cool! I love these dresses!

      Wow … those are absolutely stunning gowns.

      Those are gorgeous dresses!


      The first and seventh shot just rock! I love the other shots, but #1 and #7 are just fantastic!

      Great work


      Oh my goodness! If I had seen those when I was looking for my wedding dress, I so would have wanted one. I love the green and white one best. ~drooling~

      Oh my god those are gorgeous. I want to make them!!

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