Me and Dave
      Photo by Dave
      August 18, 2007

      Check out this hilarious self-portrait that Dave took of the two of us while I was busy photographing his beautiful bride, Tracey. I had no idea he was taking this picture at the time… how funny! You may remember that Dave carried his camera with him on their wedding day, which I thought was such a fun idea. I was thrilled when Dave emailed me some of his photos and gave me permission to post them here. Thanks, Dave!

      It’s fun to have behind-the-scenes photos that have both Mike and me in them. We don’t get photos like these often!

      You might remember this photo I took of their first kiss…

      …well here’s the photo he took. Cool!

      Finally, here’s a self-portrait I took of the two of us!

      You can see the photos that Mike and I took of Tracey and Dave’s wedding HERE.


      How fun! Reminds me a bit of our wedding. Hubby and I both had cameras with us on the day, but we didn’t get any self portraits of our kiss 😉

      He is a complete dreamboat! What a fun person! And what dreamy blue eyes!

      That’s a very cool idea to have behind the scenes shots, too. How fun!

      i saw your pictures in reallifewedding and decided i had to add you to my friends list! i’m amazed by your photographs, and my boyfriend and i decided we won’t get married until we can have you as our photographer 🙂

      Heehee…I love that he took a self-portrait of the kiss. That is awesome.

      aah, those are so much fun!
      all my friends have been teasing me about how i’ll have to actually put down the camera for my own wedding… but perhaps… !

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