The results of the latest WPJA competition are in, and three of my photos placed! All three pictures were from Jessica and Scott’s beautiful Maryland wedding. Congratulations, Jessica and Scott!

      The Wedding Photojournalist Association is an international organization of wedding photographers who shoot in a documentary style. Some of my favorite photographers in the world are members of the WPJA, so it’s a huge honor to place in this competition. You can see all the winners at I love looking through all the winning photos!

      Here are my three photos that placed this time:

      Emotion: Sixth place. This image of Jessica with her brother’s photo is one of my all-time favorites, and I’m really glad that the judges were as affected by this moment as I was.

      Judge’s comments: Sadness is captured in a truly unobtrusive manner to bring home an image with emotional impact. Wow.

      Creative Portraits: Fourteenth place. The Creative Portraits category is mainly for posed pictures, which aren’t otherwise permitted in this competition. This photo is actually a candid moment, which makes me like it even more than if it were posed.

      Judges comments: Candid relaxed warmth create a feeling of an intimate moment that should be remembered. Different and compelling. Excellent command of light.

      Getting Ready: Nineteenth place. I wasn’t sure if anyone would notice this simple photo in the competition, but I’m really glad the judges enjoyed this enchanting moment of Jessica practicing the first dance all by herself.

      If you’d like to see my photos that have placed in previous competitions, you can find them here: Awards


      Really, really loved your sixth place winner for emotion. It brought tears to my eyes as I wondered if Jessica’s brother was deployed, or if he had died in active duty.

      It also struck a chord with me because one day, my daughter will look at a picture of her sister on her wedding day and wish she were still alive and able to share in the joy of the moment. You captured what I know we will all feel at some point in the future.

      Your work is more than beautiful, it is poignant and brings so much humanity to each shot.

      Thanks for sharing….

      I wanted to commend you for doing such a great job capturing the emotions of Jessica towards the framed picture of her brother. When I had first seen this, it really tugged at my heart and hit close to home. You’ve pretty much captured the many wives’ and families emotion with that single photograph and reminded us all that life in it’s entirety, is beautiful. Thank you so much.

      Hi Tres! Sorry it took me so long to respond here. Yes, I did intentionally blow out the highlights here. I wanted the two of them to be bathed in the warm glow of the light, to add to the romance and coziness of the photo. I also didn’t want to use flash or any other lighting, because it was a quiet, genuine moment, and I didn’t want to interrupt it.

      I often don’t worry about a lot of the classic rules of photography, such as dynamic range. If I like it, I photograph it, and often that’s all I have time to decide during a busy wedding day. 😉

      Hi Bryna,

      I got really backlogged in my LJ comments, so I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I want to thank you for such an eloquent and heartfelt response these photos; it really means a lot to me to hear such feedback from a friend of Jessica. Thank you so much for your support of both of us. You sound like a great friend.



      Congratulations Charlotte! These are gorgeous as usual. Great work! Tamera

      Amazing job on all three. Was letting the window and lamp highlights get blown out in the second one a conscious decision?

      In the same situation, I probably would’ve spent too much time worrying about how to capture the whole dynamic range and missed the moment. It works wonderfully to give the photo its warmth, while the correctly exposed portion gives it a great texture and depth.

      I absolutely lost it (tears, raging hysterics, etc) the first time I saw you post of Jess with her brother (I believe while they were still on honeymoon)…

      Being a recently added friend here on lj to Trin, aka Jess, and coveting you as being our first pick for photographer at our upcoming wedding (but finding out you were just a tad (very much so) bit out of budget for our ‘pay our own way’ nuptials) (even before I even knew jess on eljay, go figure)… I cannot be more pleased that someone I know, that I care about in very real ways, was captured so beautifully in your photos.

      And, really, your work is astounding. I’m so glad you captured Jess and Chase in such wonderful ways.
      I’m officially no longer jealous that she could afford you and I could not.

      Her heart was captured on her most beautiful and exciting day thus far in your photos eloquently and concisely, without pomp and circumstance. You were real and heartfelt, and you have been rewarded for that.

      Go you!

      I applaud you, for capturing the true spirit of a woman, and I applaud Mrs. Chase, for being the person she is.

      Y’all rock.

      And now I’m gonna go cry my eyes out.

      Congratulations!!! Absolutely well deserved. I really liked that particular photo shoot that you did.

      You really deserve the awards, you capture such wonderful moments.

      These are truly outstanding and you deserved the awards!

      Excellent! And I can say I knew you when…

      Congrats!!!! You definitely deserve these awards. Your photos are fantastic.

      Congratulations! Those are some beautiful photographs 🙂

      that’s awesome! i’m so glad you’re getting recognition professionally. 🙂


      Hey Charlotte, I loved these the first time you posted them, so good to know my excellent taste is confirmed!

      Congratulations, they’re all very worthy pictures!

      Just beautiful.

      I think you showed us the photo of Jessica with her brother’s portrait before, but it brought tears to my eyes all over again this time.

      My favorite thing about the second one is the bare feet. 🙂

      And the last one is just so sweet. I love the lighting.


      You are so amazingly talented. I swear, if I ever get married again, I am flying you out here to do the pics. 🙂

      that is so awesome-both your pictures and placing!!

      It’s great to see your fellow pros recognizing what I’ve known for quite a while now… you have an extraordinary eye for “seeing the moment” and the talent to capture it beautifully.

      Congratulations, Char! You’re going to need a bigger trophy room in a few years, eh? 😀

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