Me, at Paula and Tim’s wedding last weekend
Jekyll Island, Georgia
June 22, 2007

Mike grabbed this shot of me in action. Can you tell that I love my job?



Your work is fantastic….

But you just don’t have enough things hanging from your belt. 🙂

Nice shot, Mike!
Of course you love your job.

“find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day of your life.”

You look miserable. You really should go back to coding all day. 😉

I’m glad you are so happy!!! Can you imagine you and I sitting in an office all day long? We SO were not cut out for that life.

hi there,
you’re the only one i know who will hopefully have some insight into the technical aspect of photography. (my old photo professor says to me, i don’t do that kind of stuff. go to severance photo (in watertown).)

i need to purchase a flash for my camera (it’s a Ricoh SLR – film camera) .. i had my dad’s Sunpak 383 and it is so ancient it broke off the top during the last wedding i used it for. 🙁 i’ve been reading about dedicated and non-dedicated flashes (i believe the sunpak would have been non-dedicated).. basically i am curious if you have any advice or recommendations for purchasing a flash.

thanks in advance for your insight.

-alyssa (i used to be lostphotos)

Where is all your gear? I look like I am just getting back from a warzone when I shoot a wedding.

Charlotte Geary


I photograph fascinating people, and I teach other people how to do it, too.