Josh and Tisha
      Vail, Colorado
      July 1, 2006

      I love a creative couple with a sense of humor! Tisha and Josh included everything that I love in their wedding: a mountain setting, a gorgeous gown, heartfelt speeches, and some laid-back silliness. Mike and I loved it!

      The ceremony took place at Vail Interfaith Chapel, with a brunch reception at Larkspur Restaurant in the Vail Village. The restaurant sat at the base of the ski lifts, with great views of the mountain. After a break in the afternoon, we all reconvened at Minturn Saloon to celebrate into the evening. We weren’t sure what to expect from a wedding in a saloon, and we certainly weren’t disappointed! You’re going to love this wedding…

      Congratulations, Tisha and Josh! We are so happy for you!

      More photos from their wedding day

      I loved their summery sunflower theme.

      There were lots of cute kids!

      Josh’s mother

      Tisha and her father, waiting to walk down the aisle

      Their cake was a stack of pastries, wrapped in strands of sugar,
      and topped with this bicycle built for two.

      Tisha’s brother, J.C.

      Josh’s niece did not want the party to end!

      A few hours later, we all met at the Minturn Saloon, outside of Vail. Mike and I instantly loved the place!

      Josh and Tisha arrived in costume! This was going to be FUN.

      Everyone else came in costume, too!

      They decorated the tables with clever displays of cowboy hats and beer steins filled with grasses. During the afternoon break, Mike and I printed black and white photos from the brunch reception, and Tisha and Josh framed them and gave them as favors to the guests. I thought that was a fantastic idea, and the guests loved it.

      This young cowboy had some flashy moves with his lasso.


      After dinner, it was time for two-step and line dance lessons!

      Tisha and her dad


      Re: great pictures, guys!

      Hi Tisha! I’m so happy that you loved the photos! Thanks for all the kind words, and please tell your friends hello from us. 🙂

      Re: great pictures, guys!

      hi charlotte and mike, this is the happy bride! just wanted to add to this string of compliments, in case anyone out there is contemplating inviting you guys to shoot pics … you were awesome! thank you for being so hardworking and patient. needless to say, the pics are wonderful! i don’t plan to have another wedding (!), but will certainly keep you in mind for anything else that comes up. THANK YOU!

      Re: great pictures, guys!

      Hey JC – this is Mike! Course we remember you! We had a blast, it was fun and a privelage. Hope you had a good trip back home,


      yup! pinapple fiber is expensive though, and really crinkly, so it’s usually blended with another fiber. but for super-important occasions like your wedding day, you have to go for pineapple! 🙂

      this is my take on a barong at a wedding i “covered” recently.

      Re: great pictures, guys!

      Hi JC! It’s great to hear from you! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the photographs, and feel that they captured the essence of your sister’s wedding day. It was such a wonderful event! I hope you and your family loved it as much as we did. 🙂

      Oh wow, congrats! I’m sure the photos were beautiful–you have a great eye.

      It really was fun to shoot! And everyone seemed to have a great time.

      If we had known it was going to be a costume party, Mike and I would have come in hats. 😉

      I loved her veil, too! It was classy and perfect.

      Re: that was me

      Thanks, Lisa! I loved that Vail chapel… it was classic and elegant, yet it had a perfect ski-lodge feel inside.

      I thought the barongs were a beautiful touch! I didn’t know until this weekend that barongs are made of pineapple fiber! Very cool. Tisha’s stunning wedding gown was also made of pineapple fiber. I learned something new!

      Yes, Tisha and her family are from the Philippines, and I thought it was such a nice touch that Joel and his best man wore traditional wedding barongs.

      great pictures, guys!

      hey guys, i don’t know if you still remember me. but i loved the pics you took of my sister’s wedding (tisha and josh). you guys certainly did justice to the beauty of it all. from myself and my family, thanks a lot charlotte and mike! you guys made it all the more memorable.


      Wonderful as always! I just photographed my 2nd wedding ever. You have been an inspiration to me 🙂

      haha, i was thinking the bride and her family look Filipino and i didn’t even notice the barong! i guess i’m so used to seeing barongs in weddings i didn’t give it a second thought.

      that reception looks fun! water pistols and line dancing and cowboy hats… wheeee! 😀

      Such amazing photos! And, such a creative wedding reception. I am sure everyone loved it. Nice job on the photos!

      What a wonderfully fun way to celebrate.

      Looks like that would have been a blast to shoot not to mention for the people there to witness the marriage as family and friends.

      Of course, you and Mike did a wonderful job of capturing it.

      Wow, great photos! I love the cage veil the bride wore. It looks like a great time was had by all!

      that was me

      LJ keeps logging me out

      awesome wedding. And so fun!! Love the fish-eye lens picture of the church!

      gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

      What a great wedding!! Is the bride from the Philippines? It looks like the groom is in native dress (barong). Very cool. And as always, beautiful photos.

      This is absolutely adorable, what a great idea with a mostly formal wedding and then a super laid back reception

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