What a crazy weekend it was! I’m still buzzing from all the excitement of the historic snowstorm that pummeled the DC area for 36 hours, leaving behind almost two and a half feet of snow.

      On Saturday, we woke up to about 15 inches of snow. By mid-afternoon we had well over two feet, and the snow just kept pouring down in sideways sheets. It was all so exciting and insane, and we were loving it.

      Here are some of the photographs I took during and after the blizzard.

      Lake Anne Plaza in the middle of the blizzard on Saturday, January 23, 2016
      Lake Anne Plaza in the middle of the blizzard on Saturday, January 23, 2016


      Blizzard at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia
      The swirling winds created a beige and white marbled effect on the frozen surface of Lake Anne.


      The Lake Anne children’s fountain was halfway covered by snow that had blown sideways in the same direction for hours.


      Lake Anne Plaza during blizzard of 2016
      The children’s pyramid was actually pyramid-shaped.


      I was as happy as a little kid!

      The day after the blizzard ended was even more fun than the blizzard itself. I loved Sunday. The sun was out, our friends and neighbors were out, and the Plaza was filled with happy people.

      Highlights of the day included snowballs, sleds, and snowmen at Lake Anne Plaza, all while enjoying drinks with friends at Kalypso’s, which stayed open all weekend for the locals who could walk there.


      Lake Anne Plaza covered in snow
      On the morning of Sunday, January 24, 2016, the sun came out. The Plaza was buried, but someone had cleared off Bronze Bob.


      Lake Anne Plaza covered in snow
      Mike and I took a GoPro selfie when we came out to play in the Plaza.


      Lake Anne Plaza covered in snow
      Daniel went sledding down the fountain in Lake Anne Plaza!


      Skiers at Lake Anne Plaza
      It was hilarious to see cross-country skiers passing through Lake Anne Plaza!


      Snowball fight at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston
      On Sunday afternoon, the community held a big snowball fight on the Plaza.


      Snowball fight at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston
      So. Much. Fun.



      Snowman on Lake Anne Plaza
      Katie (with the help of friends) built her first snowman.


      Kalypso's in Reston
      While the kids were playing in the snow, my mom and I were enjoying drinks on Kalypso’s patio. It was so great that the bar was open (and packed!) What a great place to live.


      Macro snowflake
      Fun with macro


      Lake Anne after a blizzard
      The quiet after the storm

      For more of my photos of Lake Anne, check out the Reston gallery in my online shop. Prints, gifts, and commercial licenses are available.

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