Elsa has cast a powerful spell over the region, and Lake Anne is now frozen 6-8 inches thick. I’ve lived here seven years and have never seen it this solid! When it has frozen over in the past, the cold spells have never lasted long enough to make the ice particularly secure. This time, however, the temperatures haven’t risen above freezing in well over a week.

      This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime situation when I’m letting my kids stand on the lake! Who knows how often this will happen in the rapidly-warming future? We had to go out and try it.

      So I took the kids on a (closely supervised) walk on the lake today, and it was a total thrill for all of us. I have to say, I’m actually loving this winter so far!

      Frozen Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia in the winter

      Frozen Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia in the winter

      Snowy and frozen Lake Anne in Reston

      Lake Anne in the snow

      Lake Anne covered in ice


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