Maddy and Sophie
      Ashburn, Virginia
      October 15, 2007

      When I was in Virginia this month, I got to photograph Sophie and Maddy again! I’ve been taking their family portraits for three years, and it has been so much fun to get to know these girls and watch them grow up. Sophie is a sensitive, creative girl who likes to write stories. Her younger sister, Maddy, is a spunky competitive cheerleader. When it was time for me to leave after the photo shoot, Maddy hopped on my back and told her parents, “Bye, Mom and Dad! I’m going to Colorado!”

      Sophie and Maddy in 2004

      The girls in 2006

      And here they are in 2007!

      Maddy, Sasha, Sophie, and Russ

      I think this one shows their different personalities well.


      Last year I took a photo of Sophie with her two front teeth missing.
      That photo is now the first picture people see when they arrive at my website.
      This year it was Maddy’s turn to have missing front teeth.

      Sasha and I used to work together at K12. I miss everyone there!


      2 very interesting personal things about this shoot — you did it on my birthday, and those are 2 of my FAVORITE names for girls that are way up their on my husband’s & my list. how crazy is that?!

      I have a family shoot coming up and these are very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your work with us!

      awesome photos, you are so awesome at capturing true family life. 🙂

      You are the best portrait photographer EVAR! I wish there was someone near me who was even close to as good as you.

      Awesome pictures as usual. I really love the one of Sasha and Russ. I really could praise you all day long about all of these. I have a passion for portrait photography.

      I hope so, too! Micah’s pictures are next, by the way, so stay tuned!

      I love seeing the history! That is so awesome.

      I hope in a few years we can see such an amazing progression in Micah’s photos 🙂

      These are great! I really like how you can see the personalities you describe through the girls’ body language–you can tell they are sisters, but also have really distinct personalities!

      Great pictures! I’ve enjoyed watching these two cute girls grow up via your photos!

      Charlotte Geary


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