My niece, Kenna
      Manitou Springs, Colorado
      February 21, 2010

      This past week was my family’s vacation here in Colorado’s winter wonderland. My parents and my brother and his family came from Virginia, and it was the first time my niece and nephews had visited Colorado. We had such a wonderful time together. I wish the week didn’t have to be over already.The nine of us spent most of the week skiing in Breckenridge, but first we explored Manitou Springs and the Garden of the Gods. I’ll post skiing photos sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned for more cuteness.

      All photos are by me, my mother, or my sister-in-law Molly. Thanks for the great pictures, Mom and Molly!

      We all bundled up at our house. Kenna decided to wear my coat and hat, so I told her I’d wear hers. I can’t believe I didn’t rip the tiny little thing.

      Ally ended up wearing Kenna’s jacket, too. Ally will put up with anything if she thinks it will increase her odds of going for a walk.

      First we took them through our town of Manitou Springs. Here’s my mom with 2-year-old Timmy, and Mike with 4-year-old Robby in downtown Manitou.

      Colorado Springs snowy children's portraits
      Timmy with a snowball

      Kenna on a bench with sculpted mountains.

      Kinfolks is one of Mike’s favorite bars, but Timmy loved its turtles!

      How cute is Kenna with her missing front teeth? I can’t believe she got old enough to lose her teeth.

      A great sign that my brother discovered.

      The Garden of the Gods in the snow
      Next we headed to the Garden of the Gods for a walk in the snow.


      A frozen mist had covered every tree with inch-long icy crystals that pointed in the direction of the wind.

      Me, Mike, and Ally


      Adorable, as always. How do you keep your camera protected in that type of weather?

      Kenna’s snaggle-toothed grin is the cutest! I also love the close up of Robby on the rock 🙂

      Great pics as always!

      Your niece and nephew are adorable. 🙂

      Great pics as always!

      Your niece and nephew are adorable. 🙂

      Joyful photos.

      I love this. I love this so much.

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