Jessica and Scott
St. Inigoes, Maryland
May 5, 2007

I love this photo of Jessica and Scott. Immediately after their ceremony, they spent some time alone to enjoy their first moments as husband and wife. I found them in this room, and caught this beautiful, candid moment.

Scott’s hands at the start of the ceremony, while waiting for Jessica to walk down the aisle

Both of Jessica’s parents escorted her down the aisle

From the perspective of Scott and the best man

It was an emotional moment for Jessica’s parents.

Jessica and Scott had a sand ceremony to signify their union.

The newlyweds! They left the ceremony under tossed rose petals saved from Jessica’s brother’s funeral.

Here’s another candid moment right after the ceremony.
I like a more natural, unposed take on the ring shot.

Before heading to the reception, Jessica had another moment with her brother.

With her grandmother

This expectant father kept one gentle hand on their baby while they danced.

Venue: Mary’s Hope on Church Cove
Coordinator: Amy Otis of WiseChoice Productions
DJ: Maryland Entertainment
Makeup: Leah Delacy of Blue Seale Studio
Cake: Anita’s Wedding Cakes


I cried when I saw the caption about the rose petals, and the photos of Jessica with her brother’s photo. My brother is in the army, and should anything happen to him, that is definitely how I’d love to remember him. That is amazing.

I absolutely LOVE those two candid and very sweet shots of the two of them. WOW! You’re a great photographer. I’ve been going through your journal and checking out all the wedding and engagement photos. 🙂

The rest of us can’t wait to see those!

Such amazing photos, so full of emotion. 🙂
You have inspired me to try and get such good shots, when I can, at my brother’s wedding.

After browsing through your journal a little more than just seeing this set, I decided I’d add you to see more. I really have this warm feeling when I look at your pictures. I think it is from how personally you’ve made each and one of them come out, shining of the person photographed. Really good work!

Charlotte and Mike,

I am totally blown away by these pictures. You guys really captured the emotion of the day. I really enjoyed having you two there… you seemed to fit in really well. I hope I didn’t give you too hard of a time. (especially Mike)

~Mark (the best man)

Hi, a friend of Jess here

My absolute two faves are of the “relaxed” ring pose (b/w) and the shot of the invitations with the bride&groom in the background

Overall, these are amazing photos!

Jessica & Scott photo’s

Wow…these are fabulous photo’s. Having experienced it in person, these photo’s capture the very essence of what that whole day felt like. The two of J&S alone together right after the ceremony are my favorites, but they are all wonderful! It also teaches me an important lesson: you never know where a text message you send will end up! ha ha! Thank you Charlotte & Mike! Louise Korade

AMAZING pictures! Thanks to the shots you & your husband took, I know that Jessica & Scott will never forget the momentous day, and will be happy & proud to pull out their album for all to see.

(aka Reader #2)

Dearest Charlotte and Mike,

We were so blessed to have you document our wedding day. You caught the moments…so real, so raw, and so true. Thank you.

-Jessica and Scott

PS. Cannot wait to see you again for our dress trashing session!

The groom did have a manicure…at my *ahem* the bride’s request!


The first picture is wonderful. My second favorite shot is the one of her in the mirror. It’s short over her shoulder.

We shoot everything in color, and then convert to black and white in post-production. We don’t usually use grayscale conversions, though, because I think grayscale looks a bit flat. I like a nice, contrasty black and white.

Oh wow, it’s great to hear from you. I’m so glad you love the photo; I love it, too. I must admit that you guys had me in tears at the reception. I’m so happy for you to be blessed with a baby and an adoring husband. He’s going to be such a sweet dad.

Aw, thanks! I’m glad you followed me here to let me know!

Re: Jessica and Scott’s Wedding

Hi Marcia. Thanks so much for the message. Amy was a pleasure to work with, and she did a wonderful job!

That’s one of my favorites, too! I’m really glad you like it.

Thanks! I love me some twilight.

It really was candid, which I love about it. I love real moments so much more than poses.

I did cry while watching the expectant couple dancing! They were so beautiful.

gracious – the rose petals from his funeral totally made me tear up!

curious – do you shoot the b/w pictures in b/w or do you later go back and put them in grayscale?

We’re the expectant couple and… I must admit… I know that I’m overly hormonal because of the pregnancy but that is a beautiful, wonderful shot.

Great shots in general. You captured the day in so many perfect ways. Especially the last shot with the wet sidewalk. Perfect.

Wow- what an emotional, yet so beautiful wedding! 🙂

i just had to follow you back here to comment. i’ve been following the wed_photography community for a while but not as a member with commenting access… but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! you did a wonderful job at capturing all the emotions and beautiful setting of this wedding!! just had to let you know ;P

Jessica and Scott’s Wedding

Thank you so much for taking such fabulous photos for our clients. We hope to work with you again.

Marcia T. Hart-Wise
Owner and Lead Consultant
WiseChoice Productions

What a beautiful wedding. I love shot #10!

Ah Charlotte, you’re amazing! They are all beautiful, and I love the last picture of the property at dark.

Wow! That first shot is awesome. I can hardly believe that it’s candid- way to be in the right place at the right time- it’s just gorgeous!

Oh, I want to cry! The picture of the expectant father dancing- sooo lovely!

What a great job, Charlotte!

heehee! I think the groom had his nails buffed! very metro’

that first shot is all kinds of amazing 🙂

I love these! What a beautiful & emotional wedding.

Charlotte Geary


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