Jessica and Dave
      Red Rock Canyon Open Space
      Colorado Springs
      September 10, 2007

      Earlier this week, I got together with Jessica and Dave for their engagement session at one of my favorite spots, Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Mike and I had our own engagement portraits taken there a couple years ago, so this photo shoot was really fun for me. Jessica and Dave brought their dogs, Jack and Bowser, along for the walk, and I think we tired them out!

      Jessica and Dave, congratulations on your engagement! I look forward to your wedding next year.

      The whole family

      This is one of my favorites of the day. The dogs’ knowing look makes me laugh.

      In this picture, Dave was telling Jessica things that he loves about her. Her expression was priceless.


      those are some flawless photos!! i love the ones with my dogs! i love them all.

      OMG the dogs are soo freakin’ cute!! And i love the stair shots especially, those look so cool… almost gravity-defying. 🙂

      Thanks for the advice! I’m searching on google right now! :o) And I have another question… should I call ahead or stop by the studio in person with my resume and portfolio? I’d like to visit the studio in person, but I don’t want to interrupt a photo session! Thanks!

      Dave & Jess

      Absolute great pics!! GG and I can see the all the love and happiness in the photos!! We can’t wait to see you next year!! GG loved the last bottom two pictures. It seemed like the world opened up to embrace your love for one another. Much love…Dad, GG & Justin

      Hi there! I’m sorry, but I don’t actually know anyone in the Rochester area. I’d definitely get on Google and start looking. I’d avoid the yellow pages, though, because very few photographers that I know list in the yellow pages. I’m not listed in there, because I want people to find me online and see my photos. I don’t want any cold calls from the yellow pages, saying “how much do you charge?” without seeing my photos first.

      Good luck!

      Re: These are amazing!!!

      Hi Jessica! I’m so glad you loved the photos! I can’t wait to put together your guestbook… I might have to keep a copy of it for myself. 🙂

      I can’t wait until March!

      Wonderful, again!!! :o) Your photos are always so well focused and the colors are always so crisp!

      I have a question for you… do you know any good portrait photographers/studios in the Rochester, New York area? I’m looking for a photography internship for summer 2008, but I’m having a hard time finding any good photographers. I’m sitting at a desk and looking through the yellow pages, and only a few have websites listed… I wish you were in the Rochester area! Thanks for your help!

      They are a radiant couple! You absolutely captured their love and happiness.

      And those doggies are adorable!!

      Great portraits!
      I want to steal their cute little dogs, but I won’t.

      I love the scenery there! And the dogs looking at each other is hilarious!

      What an amazing setting. And what a great couple! They look like they’ll be really fun to shoot for their wedding.

      the second picture is priceless. i LOVE the dogs’ expressions! haha.

      These are amazing!!!

      Thank you sooooo much Char!! These are amazing! You really got Dave to smile and we look great! The pups look too cute too! We are so excited to have you at the wedding…we are so very happy to have you as our photographer!!

      i can’t wait to be this in love!

      OMG the dogs looking at each other!

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