Greg, Heidi and Julia
      Ski Tip Lodge
      Keystone, Colorado
      September 2, 2007

      What a beautiful family! Heidi and Greg got married in beautiful Keystone last weekend. You might remember their engagement portraits from a couple weeks ago, which you can find HERE. They got married outside the adorable Ski Tip Lodge, in front of a lake and the mountain range. There were tons of children at the wedding, and they loved running around the lawn as the other guests sat and enjoyed the view.

      Enjoying a peaceful morning at the Ski Tip Lodge

      Heidi and Greg see each other for the first time

      Greg played the piano to start the ceremony. I loved the proud look on his father’s face as he played.

      The ringbearer sprinted down the aisle! If I had blinked, I’d have missed this shot!

      They gave Julia a necklace during the ceremony. She was so cute when Heidi put it on her neck.

      Immediately after the ceremony

      The newlyweds!

      Hugs from Heidi’s parents

      Looking at her new dad’s ring

      I liked the view of the aspens behind the cake.

      In addition to their cake, they had a table filled with different kinds of pie. The pies were a huge hit!

      He called himself “Elvis Jr.”

      The toasts

      Venue: Ski Tip Lodge


      What a beautiful family!

      Heidi and Greg,

      I just saw your wedding photos! They are so beautiful, and you are so clearly meant for each other. I hope you have a wonderful life.

      I remember that intense anxiety when I was new with wedding photography. Don’t worry, it gets much better as you get more experience! That nervousness become excitement. 🙂

      Thanks! That was one of my favorites, too, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed what a sweet moment it was.

      I’d love to photograph your wedding someday, if you choose to have one!

      I love her dress, too! It was perfect for her personality and the location. It was such a pretty place to get married!

      Your story does sound similar to theirs! How wonderful that you have twin granddaughters now. You’re a lucky woman indeed.

      What a shame that there aren’t any photos of your ringbearers running. But I bet it makes a great story!

      Amazing shots!
      I love the last one, it’s so cute!

      Your photos are so fantastic!!!

      I have been shooting a few weddings lately but I just don’t have the proper lenses and I freak myself out and stress over not getting the shots.

      You are my inspiration!

      Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos. The cake was gorgeous.

      what a gorgeous day, in many ways!

      Gorgeous photos! I’m so glad you posted them, i was looking forward to them after seeing their engagement photos. 🙂

      Greg played the piano to start the ceremony. I loved the proud look on his father’s face as he played.

      That, by far, was my favorite picture. It’s the little details that will mean so much to them later on down the road. Amazing! If I ever get married, there is no question that I want YOU at my wedding. 🙂

      i love the bride’s dress! of course, i love it because its alfred angelo! haha. i miss colorado. i might just get married there and hire you. these pictures are amazing!! i love this picture.


      Beautiful pictures!

      I love this couple because they remind me of my family…my daughter was 5 when my husband and I were married and she was a big part of our wedding. She is 30 now with twin 4 year old girls!

      What a fun wedding! There was clearly a lot of meaning and it came through very, very clearly.

      As usual, gorgeous photos.

      I love the ring bearer’s sprint! Mine did the same thing – no one has photos of the little darlings!

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