My lovely Janie is turning eleven this spring, but she’s still a playful, cuddly, and happy kitty. She loves to sit on the back of the couch behind me, and rest her paws on my shoulder.

      If you’ve ever met Janie, you know that sheâs a cat of, uh, substantial girth. The poor kitty is a little big-boned. Just like most people, Janie’s most flattering angle is from above. 😉

      Colorado Springs pet photography
      I swear this cat smiles.

      Colorado Springs pet photography
      My mom came to visit for a week last month. Ally stayed by her side for the entire week.

      Colorado Springs pet photography
      Ally just adores her grandma.


      wow janie looks amazing for her age. I have a little light brown jack russell terrier who is the same age and who hasn’t slowed down since day one when we get her from a rescue centre. It’s amazing that her fur is truning increasingly grey but her eyes are still sparkling with life. The photo’s of Janie are beautiful, you seem to have caught her at exactly the right moment.

      I’m glad my photos can be helpful in your class!

      The key to the success of that first photo is the light. Soft, diffused sunlight was coming in through a window and illuminated her like that. The photo wouldn’t have been nearly as successful in a flat lighting condition.

      The lens was definitely helpful to give that minimal depth of field. I used a Canon 35mm f1.4, and I think I must have set it at 1.4 or 2.0 or so.

      This is a beautiful portrait of Janie.

      I have a question for you – I teach photography in high school and sometimes show a photo or two of yours in my ‘portrait’ unit.

      Besides using a short depth of field, is there anything else you do to achieve a photograph like the first one you posted? Is it related to the lens you are using?

      Thank you!

      Aw, that last picture of your mom with Ally is so heartwarming 🙂

      You have adorable animals!

      pets are the best. love these photos.

      OMG that second one kills me!!! I was looking at these next to my daughter while she eats dinner and she did a full on squeal!!

      Awwww! Love it.

      How sweet! There’s nothing better than having adorable pets!

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