Well this is cool! The Summer/Fall 2019 issue of Around Reston magazine includes an article about me. I often have my photos published in magazines, but I never have articles written about me.

      I was so honored when Kat Toussaint, the editor of Around Reston, told me that she would like the magazine to feature me and my story. Who, me? I am someone who tells other people’s stories, not my own. It was exciting that Kat thought her readers would like to read about me.

      Kat asked if she could send one of her writers to interview me and then join me on a photo shoot to see me in action, which sounded like a lot of fun to me. I invited her writer, Stacia Datskovska, to join me while I photographed a series of events at Lake Anne: fitness classes at Reston Community Center and a concert on Lake Anne Plaza. But first we met at the Lake Anne Coffee House, where she asked me truly thoughtful and insightful questions about my work, goals, and inspiration. Stacia is only a teenager, but she was eloquent and wise beyond her years. Remember her name — she has a bright future in journalism. I was so impressed by her.

      Thanks, Around Reston and Stacia, for featuring me! You did a wonderful job of summarizing my thoughts, goals, and personality. You’ve made me feel appreciated, and I’m really grateful.

      Check it out to learn about me and why I’m compelled to do what I do:

      You can find the full issue below. My article is on page 54 of the print version, which is page 60 in the online version.




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      Charlotte Geary


      Lifestyle, event, and portrait photographer with a vibrant, joyful style and 17 years of professional experience.

      Located in Reston, Virginia near Washington, D.C. and available for travel.