Raindrops on cherry blossoms
      Melting snow on cherry blossoms
      Manitou Springs, Colorado
      April 27, 2009

      I woke up this morning to discover our yard covered in snow. My first reaction was to groan and lament that springtime should have arrived by now. It’s almost May, after all! Then I realized that Colorado’s version of springtime is here, and I need to appreciate its own beauty. Later in the day, as the snow was melting, I grabbed my macro lens to photograph the cherry trees in our yard. I feel revived now.

      Raindrops on cherry blossoms

      Raindrops on cherry blossoms

      Raindrops on cherry blossoms


      Gorgeous! Happy spring. 🙂

      thanks for sharing!

      thanks for sharing!


      wow! nice shots! you have captured the dews 😀

      These are gorgeous, amazing photos.

      Absolutely beautiful!

      Wow, Charolette, these are magnificent! Way to make some awesome lemonade!

      You should feel relieved! These are lovely. Very fresh, very dewy.

      holy cow! Those are amazing! The first shot is spectacular…with the branches reflected in the water drops.

      Very lovely!

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