Ally in Red Rock Canyon
      Colorado Springs, CO

      We always knew this time would come, but it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here. We’re actually leaving our beloved Colorado. When Mike and I moved here in 2004, we had planned to stay only three years or so before returning to live closer to our families. Six years later, we are in love with this gorgeous state and sad to be leaving. But we’ve always wanted to be surrounded by family when we have children, and that time has come. As much as we’re looking forward to all the big changes ahead of us, we’re also going to miss Colorado dreadfully.

      We’ll be leaving in just a couple weeks. In the meanwhile, I thought I’d put together a series of blog posts about some of the things that I’ll miss most about Colorado. First and foremost, I’ll miss my friends here. Colorado has such wonderful people, and it will be hard to say goodbye. I’m especially grateful to all my photographer friends for welcoming me into their community when I moved here, and for years of friendship and support. But because I’m afraid that I’ll exclude someone or hurt someone’s feelings, I won’t post photos of the friends that I’ll miss the most. You all know who you are, and I’m sad to be leaving you.

      Instead, I’m going to start with photos of a place that has been very special to Mike and me over the years — Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs. This enormous park is great for hiking, and we live only two blocks from one of the trailheads. Over the years, it has been our favorite place to walk the dog, enjoy nature, and spend time together. We’ve been so fortunate to have a place like this as our backyard, and we’ve never taken it for granted. As much as I love the DC area, we know we’ll never have a place anything like Red Rock Canyon after we move.

      Red Rock Canyon has also been a great place for my portrait photography. You can see some of my photo shoots from the canyon HERE.

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      I’m just now reading this. You’re making me cry Char! I already miss you tons. I know you have so many big, wonderful things ahead of you, but the selfish part of me wishes you didn’t have to move. Sigh. Love you lots! Big hugs from Colorado always!!! XOXOX

      WOW! Has it been that long? I remember you talking about the move forever ago on some message board. Who knows? But much luck with the move and your family and BRAVO for having your priorities in check. Family is so dang important. When it all comes down to it, they are all you’ve really got.

      It’s a lovely blog, Charlotte.

      I LOVE colorado. We went there on our honey moon and I’ve been dying to go back. The photo at the top makes me want to pack up and move out there right now. Want to trade?

      (And over here 😉 ) Hey, Happy Birthday!! 🙂

      Great photos! Happy Birthday!
      Nastya from Germany

      Great photos! Happy Birthday!
      Nastya from Germany

      I wish you good luck! And Happy Birthday to you )

      I am so happy you are moving to be close to friends and family! You can always move back to Colorado later in life, but the baby will only be little for a short time.

      The real question… are you thinking about hiring someone to photograph the birth? Mike is a great photographer, but its hard to truly experience it when you’re on the other side of the lens.

      Charlotte, you are one of the most uniquely talented and sweetest people I know. What I love about your photography is that when you enjoy life, you invite others to enjoy it with you. Thank you for that. You and Mike will be missed!

      I think your dog has such an awesome life!

      Love seeing your photos.

      Love your jumping pic 🙂

      Charlotte Geary


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