Nicole and Matt
      Aspen, Colorado
      May 3, 2008

      I’m still sorting through the huge number of photos that we took at the wedding on Saturday, but I just had to post this beautiful one that Mike took. Yes, Nicole and Matt got married in mountain paradise. And yes, I love my job.

      More photos coming soon! 🙂


      You know I’d love to! 🙂

      Actually the ground was dry as a bone, but it probably could have benefited from some moisture and grass! Still it was a beautiful location.

      Re: hello

      Of course! 😀

      I cannot wait for the rest! I love the nature set weddings the best.

      You do have a wonderful job, and both of you are very amazing at it!

      I know I’ve asked this before… but in a few years are you up for a Jersey wedding? LOL.

      You’re awesome, ps.

      looks mucky. the ground that is. what a beautiful setting. 🙂


      i love this..will u come to singapore to take my pictures?:P

      As much as I love some of the urban settings you’ve shot in, this is just…wow.

      You two are amazing. The end.

      Charlotte Geary


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