Tracy and John
      Magnolia Hotel
      Denver, Colorado
      November 13, 2010

      Last weekend I traveled back to Colorado to photograph the wedding of Tracy and John in downtown Denver. I loved their wedding’s chic, urban style, which was made even better by their willingness to walk around in the cold for some portraits in the city! Tracy is a talented wedding photographer herself, so it was an honor for her to ask me to photograph her own wedding. You might remember her and John from their engagement portraits in Denver last summer.

      This was my last wedding before my maternity leave, and it was certainly a great one to end with. My good friends and talented colleagues, Tamera Goldsmith and Stephanie Brauer photographed this wedding with me. Not only are they great photographers, but they are a ton of fun to work with. The photos posted here were taken by all three of us. Thanks, Tam and Steph!

      Blue earrings for wedding
      Tracy’s blue jewelry were a perfect match for her eyes.

      Bride with halter dress

      John carried his father’s heirloom pocket watch.

      Tracy and John saw each other before the wedding, and then spent some time walking around the 16th Street Mall together.

      The sun sets so early these days!

      Green and white bridal bouquet

      Groom in gray suit

      Denver wedding

      Denver wedding

      Downtown Denver wedding
      Their maid of honor and best man joined them for some pictures along the 16th Street Mall.

      Magnolia hotel wedding

      Magnolia hotel wedding

      Magnolia hotel wedding
      Tracy and John got married under a canopy of orange and blue lanterns.

      Magnolia hotel wedding

      The newlyweds, immediately after the ceremony

      Urban wedding portraits

      urban wedding

      Night time wedding pictures

      Urban wedding pictures

      Magnolia Hotel wedding
      John and his friends asked for a Reservoir Dogs shot in the alley…

      … then I cracked up when they busted out into the Sharks and Jets!

      I was quite literally rolling on the ground laughing here.

      Magnolia Hotel wedding
      The Magnolia Hotel is a stylish and contemporary venue, with great little seating areas like these.

      During the toasts

      I had no idea that John and Tracy were such great dancers! Their first dance was a swing routine that thrilled us all.

      John dancing with his mother

      All the ladies wanted to dance with John. He had some serious moves!

      John’s niece

      Blue wedding rings

      Photographer: Charlotte Geary
      Second photographer: Tamera Goldsmith
      Second photographer: Stephanie Brauer
      Venue: Magnolia Hotel
      Coordinators: Maryann and Danielle of Something Classic Events
      DJ: Jeremy of Center Stage Entertainment
      Florist: The Perfect Petal


      Awesome photos! Congratulations John and Tracy!!!!

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      Very nice backstage pictures, love them! =))

      What a great set! I love the outdoor light and the way you capture the emotion of the day!

      Fabulous!! I adore the shot of them by the brick wall.

      Charlotte, I am always scared to visit your site. Your images blow me away every time I visit.

      Wow, great images here! Love the colors, tones, exposure, emotions, and everything. Great work here!

      So many great images – your lighting for the night shots is lovely. That first image is especially striking and dramatic.

      I’m loving the shots with the streetlights in the background. Awesome job, Charlotte.

      Amazing work, love the shadow of them kissing!

      I’m more than a little bit in love with that sun flare shot.

      This is more than just nice or good work. This is life captured. I love looking at what you do and no matter where your head may rest, you’ll be the best in town. Best wishes and major blessings on your new arrival!

      Love this set! Really fantastic images. LOVE the West Side Story shot. Great work. Your lighting is phenomenal.

      What a solid set! The first image just steals it for me though – I love the lines. Simply amazing work!

      I love these pictures! You have done an awesome job! I especially love the canopy of lanterns.. how gorgeous!

      Boys, Boys, Crazy Boys! Now I have that song stuck in my head! Charlotte, your work always is a pleasure to look at. It’s clean, technically spot on and you never miss the magic moments. Colorado will miss you.

      The light in that dress shot is kind of boggling my mind. How are both inside and outside perfectly exposed?! You’re magic Charlotte!

      Lovely photos… I especially like the one of them in the booth!

      Oh. Wow.
      The earring shot and the tying-the-tie shot are INSANE!
      Gorgeous work and such a lovely bride!

      Awesome job Charlotte! Love the night shots. A lot of these spots look familiar.

      Hey Charlotte, Love this set of images. The shadows on the wall are awesome!

      diggin your shadow action!

      These are gorgeous! John and Tracy look soo happy. Looking forward to seeing the entire set of photos! Thanks for doing such a great job, Charlotte!

      These are amazing! Really? Sharks vs. Jets snapping while the groomsman walk?!?!? Genius!!!!

      cute rings! love the shot in front of the rialto cafe

      Awesome job Charlotte! Congrats Tracy, you looked stunning!!!

      They look fantastic!!! What a great night 🙂

      Tina, I don’t really have a secret… I just climbed my big, pregnant self up on the windowsill and placed it there. ;-). But on the occasions when I can’t reach, I either ask the tallest person in the room to do it, or I choose a different location. Bridesmaids are usually happy to help, so maybe ask them next time?

      Charlotte ~

      Just out of curiousity… how the heck do you hang the bride’s dresses in such lofty positions? I am 5 foot nothing… and unless I brought along a nice 6 foot tall guy to do it for me I would never be able to pull those artistic dress shots off. Your secret please?

      Beautiful, like always!

      Love them all! I had fun shooting our with you as always, Char. Love the results! 🙂

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