The Jones family
      Watertown, New York
      May 25, 2007

      Last Friday, on the day before their wedding, Heather and Mike hired me to take some casual family portraits as wedding gifts to Mike’s parents. I thought that was a great idea! Since it’s difficult to get an entire extended family together, the wedding weekend was a perfect time for the portraits. Mike’s parents were excited to have a chance to have portraits with their kids and grandson, so I hope they love their gift.



      These are really beautiful – and you made the light just perfect. I aspire to shots like this … one day.

      Awesome work, as usual – I love your blog.
      [katenadine from flickr]

      Oh cool, thanks. I’ve added you guys to my friends list. 🙂

      I don’t know how much time you actually spend on LJ. But Gus and I have started a photojournal– — and we’d love to get your feedback any time you feel like poking around

      Thanks! He is so photogenic!

      I’m glad you noticed that the geese picture was a family portrait, too!

      Re: whose family??

      Hi Evelyn! I hope to be able to take pictures like these of you and Jim and your grandson, too!

      They were adorable! I liked that family portrait of a different kind. 😉

      I hope so! I thought this was a wonderful idea as a gift to them.

      Re: Great pics!

      Hi Christine! I’m so glad that you like the photos! I hope you and Ken love the whole set. 🙂

      Thanks! My favorite pictures are the same as yours–just a few people together with the baby. It’s a pure joy to watch parents and grandparents with a little one.

      My favorite time of day for portrait shoots is about two hours before sunset. This particular shoot was done in early afternoon, though, because of scheduling conflicts. That time of day has some harsh lighting, but I can make it work!

      He is so photogenic! And he loves to be photographed — he brightens and coos every time the camera comes out.

      I do give direction, if I think someone needs it. Different people get different amounts of direction from me, depending on how they stand or interact with each other. In general, I want everyone touching someone else, and some people need to have that idea suggested to them, and some just do it naturally.

      These are great! I especially love the baby portraits.

      that baby is a little heartstealer!!

      and I adore the pictures of the geese at the end! two family portraits!!

      Wonderful photos, Char.
      I’m sure they will love the photos, who wouldn’t?
      The picture of the geese is a cute photo, and fits right in with the theme: family portraits.

      whose family??

      ahh….I’ll claim most of the bioforms as relitives, but not the honkers….Beautiful photos!!!!

      omg! i bet grandma & grandpa are going to LOVE these!!!

      Great pics!

      I don’t know what else to say other than great pics!! I can’t wait to see the rest! Although your favorites that you post tend to be mine as well. 🙂 We were blessed to have you there!! Hugs,Christine

      These are just gorgeous. You do such a wonderful job. I especially enjoy the shots you take of 1 or 2 members of the family, interacting with the baby.

      I was just looking at your pictures in this post & remembering some previous posts you’ve made with couples in a park (maybe the same one) like this, & I wondered- do you have a particular time of day that you tend to schedule shoots like this, so that the lighting is good?

      I just want to eat that baby! I’m so happy every time he pops up on your journal.

      Do you give them any direction? Like put your arm around her, etc? Or do you just let it flow naturally.

      Look at that ear tugging!

      (Great, as always!!)

      this is so cute.
      i always look forward to your posts 🙂

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