I love a beautiful mountain log cabin. I work in many of them, and they are a unique aspect of Colorado style. Unfortunately they can make skin look Oompa Loopa orange if you’re not careful with your lighting. Do you want to know my secret?

      For the last several months, I’ve been using Profusion flash diffusers. The Profusion was invented by my friend Brad Walters, so his team let me try them out before they were available to the public. I’m glad they did, because I needed them several times over the summer!

      The Profusion is a white bounce card with folding barn doors to enable you to control the strength and direction of the light. It scatters the light softly, and is a great help for situations where there is no ceiling or walls for bouncing. The diffuser folds away from my flash when I’d prefer to bounce or use it directly. It also folds flat to fit easily in my bag. I have three of them, and often use two on off-camera flashes, and one on-camera.

      They used several of my photos as examples on the site, so go take a peek: http://www.profusion-flash-diffuser.com

      Here’s another log cabin wedding, again with two off-camera flashes with Profusions, and one on my camera. I didn’t have to do anything to correct the white balance, despite all the brown and orange surfaces around the bride and groom.

      This venue is really dark, with no white surfaces for bouncing flash. The entire room is red brick and black metal, with a 50-foot ceiling. In this picture, you can see my two off-camera flashes in the background, each with a Profusion. I also used a Profusion on my on-camera flash. Look how well the light is distributed around the room, and the perfect white balance on Nikki’s gown.

      Here’s a different wedding at the same venue. This room is dark, but two off-camera flashes with Profusions were able to light up the whole place while keeping the ambiance of the room.

      During the toasts, I used the two off-camera flashes and added an on-camera flash with a Profusion. The light is soft and flattering on their skin.

      Rock on.


      Oooooh thank you for the trade secrets!

      … No love for Pentax Flashes… 😛

      This is awesome. Thank you for sharing!

      Thanks for the post! I like the explanation behind the photos. And I love the photo at the end 🙂

      Thanks for the post! I like the explanation behind the photos. And I love the photo at the end 🙂

      Kelli, I’m glad you’ve had such success with them, too! What a great gadget Brad came up with!


      I completely agree with you. After Brad Walters introduced us to it back in March, I got four of them. Tried them out on several weddings and now, I won’t leave home without them. They are fantastic. So often, we are outdoors or in buildings with dark ceilings making bouncing impossible.

      The ProFusion has changed that for us. Makes shooting in tricky situations much easier.


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