Idgi and Betty
      Manitou Springs, CO
      April 22, 2010

      This is our dear friend, Betty, with her beloved border collie, Idgi. We were all heartbroken to learn recently that Idgi has terminal lymphoma. The vet says that she has only a couple more weeks of feeling good before she will start to decline. Betty and I decided to take some active portraits of Idgi while she’s still feeling good, so we took her to a park to document her favorite thing to do — play frisbee. Idgi is a smart, playful, well-loved dog, who has been a true friend to Betty for ten years. I hope her good days will last longer than any vet could expect.

      Black and white border collie

      Black and white border collie

      Portrait of a woman and her dog

      Black and white border collie

      Border collie chasing a frisbee

      Woman and a dog playing with a frisbee

      Woman and a dog playing with a frisbee

      Black and white border collie

      Black and white border collie

      Woman and her dog playing frisbee

      Border collie catching a frisbee

      Black and white border collie

      Black and white border collie

      Black and white border collie


      I love the 3rd photo the dog looks really great in that shot and the eyes was really emphasized

      how sad it is to loose a loved one! great idea with the pictures and as usual the pictures are wonderful!

      This is the saddest thing ever. Looking at her cute little happy face is making me cry. =( Very beautiful pictures, though. I’m glad you could capture her last good days…

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      What an amazing gift you just gave your friend. I am quite literally in tears.

      Idgi looks like she’s a fighter and is going to be active and for a lot longer than anyone thinks!

      These photos will not only be a huge comfort to her but they’ll be treasured for years to come. Well done in perfectly capturing the bond and love between them…

      So sad 🙁
      But love the pictures, what a great memory they will make for her!

      What a wonderful idea! And what a sad diagnosis. I’m a receptionist at a vet clinic, and it’s always hard to see patients and clients in that kind of situation. Looks like Idgi is a very well loved dog 🙂

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      Beautiful. Very sad to hear about her illness. I hope she lives longer than expected.

      Very very lovely photographs really.

      OK – this post has me seriously tearing up over here! Poor girl – she looks just fine in these photos!

      Lovely idea though, to capture these moments forever.

      it is wonderful!

      Awww I hope Idgi has long than ezpected too. I’m sur Betty will treasure these photos.

      These photos are remarkable. They are sure to be a constant source of comfort for Betty once Idgi is gone. Tell her I am keeping her and her pet in my prayers. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep last year after she lost control of her kidneys. I know how much of a comfort pets can be and how they truly become family. I wish Idgi many good days to come.

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