I have an eight-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter. I’m no expert, but this age just might be the best part of parenthood. The kids are adventurous, creative, and hilarious, while still sweet and adorable. They keep me laughing and we have so much fun together.

      For Halloween this year, Daniel and Katie decided to abandon their normal adorable personas and go for scary costumes. The creepiest part is that they actually pulled off those characters a little too well.

      Katie as the Grim Reaper

      We began the Halloween season with a costume party at their friend’s house. I never would have expected that my rainbows-and-unicorns daughter could be such a creepy Grim Reaper. Bravo, little one.

      Daniel as a Dementor and his friend as Harry Potter

      Daniel chose to be a Dementor from Azkaban. When you’re a Dementor, it’s not easy to show up at a party and discover that your host is a powerful wizard.

      My formerly adorable children

      A week later, they donned their costumes again for a night of terrifying their neighbors in exchange for candy.

      This age is the sweetest. Sometimes I just step back and look at them, and can’t believe how beautiful my life is. I’m signing off to go hug them now.

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