As I mentioned in my last post, I recently had a photo shoot at Roer’s Zoofari. I had the ridiculously fun task of documenting as Jason Romano from the Lake Anne Brew House fed his leftover brewing grain to the zoo animals.

      By some sort of amazing luck, that photo shoot happened to fall on April 23, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Yes, I had a photo shoot with zoo animals on that very day! So I arranged to have two photo assistants join me on the assignment.

      Jason and the zookeepers were all wonderfully supportive of my junior photographers. Daniel, age 8, and Katie, age 5, rode with me in the back of a pickup truck as the zookeepers drove around the fields and fed the grazing watusis, zebras, llamas, bison, and emus. My role was to photograph the process and the relationship between the zoo and the Brew House.

      And my junior photographers/zookeepers LOVED it. They got to go behind the scenes and learn so much about zoo life. It was basically their own personal safari. Huge thanks to Roer’s Zoofari and LABH for being so welcoming to my little assistants!

      Now my kids think I have the coolest job ever. Except for the guy who invented Minecraft. He’ll always be cooler than me.

      Just driving along, past a giraffe. Surreal.
      Watching the local residents enjoy the tasty grains
      A watusi walked right up to Daniel
      Selfie in the back of the truck
      If you look carefully, you’ll see Bobo, a 2-week-old warthog on a leash! Zookeeper Sara is taking care of him in a pack-and-play in her office. Seriously adorable and amazing.
      Giraffe at Roer's Zoofari in Vienna, Virginia
      Selfie with a giraffe
      These two goats were Dan’s favorite animals. He loved them and said they had the sweetest personalities of all.
      This is a water buffalo family portrait! The mom is in the middle. Her 1-year-old son is on the right. Her 4-day-old daughter on the left was born on Easter Sunday. I can’t believe they all posed for me!
      Emu at Roer's Zoofari in Vienna, Virginia
      Emu with lovely blue eyes
      Hanging in the truck like zoo rock stars
      This is Waffles, and he loves salad.
      Katie loved Waffles and wants to go back every day to visit him.
      Mama and babies… so much sweetness!!
      This is Sara, zookeeper and all-around kind soul.

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