Melissa and Richard
      Meadowlark Gardens
      Vienna, Virginia
      April, 2007

      It was another perfect day for springtime portraits. Melissa works at the Virginia company where I used to work, but we had never met before. What a small world! They are also UVA alumni, just like I am, so we had a lot to talk about. She and Richard love to explore Meadowlark’s botanical gardens, so this park was a perfect choice for their portraits. I love Virginia in the springtime!

      We started the photo shoot outside the park, with their happy dog, Nugget.


      wonderful pics!

      meadowlark is quite the popular photo spot!

      Beautiful shots!
      Everything is so green and happy.

      Re: Wow!!

      I would love that! I’m sure that would be a great place for photos. Congrats to Meg for her new camera!

      I love that one, thanks! That kid is going to be a rock star someday, and you’ll probably be photographing him then!

      The pictures with the lake in the background are perfectly composed. But the picture with the dog and the picture with them laying in the field have a magic to them.

      oh, and that picture of the kid in the car making the face.

      i hate you.

      wtf?! how is it that you’re so much better at this than me? how the heck are you so @#$#@%$ing good at this?!

      I mis syou too. But I’m positive you’re happier having moved on. Come visit sometime!

      i want to feel the way they look like they feel when i’m their age. 🙂 great job!

      Re: Wow!!

      Meg would love to go down to old Bethlehem steel area to take pictures w/ you! She is the proud new owner of a Canon Sd750. The camera needs to be broken in! Hopefully when you are East you can Visit!

      I don’t mind at all. 🙂 I think I used primarily my 70-200mm at f4 on these photos. I prefer to shoot at f2.8 or wider, but this park was so big that the distance behind them helped to soften the depth of field even more. It’s a great spot for pictures.

      Re: Wow!!

      Oh my gosh, Rob, I didn’t know you were on LiveJournal! I would absolutely love to take pictures of your family the next time I’m in the area. I can’t wait to see you guys again. I hope to be back this summer and again in the fall.

      Happy anniversary! Two years went by so fast!


      Charlotte, what a Journal! Megan finally showed me your site. I really love your pictures. Now that it is our 2nd Aniversary would love for you to take some Pictures of our family when you are back east!!! Can what to see you and Mike as well.

      Rob Hnat(Dubbs)

      great photos! I know Melissa too (but I don’t work with her directly). 🙂

      Weird, I happened to drive right by that park today (something that I haven’t done in several months, if not over a year)

      These are amazing! You are a talented photographer.

      the dof on these is incredible! it almost looks like they’re standing in front of a painting in each photo.

      i know i Always ask- i hope you don’t mind.

      which lens for this shoot?

      What a happy looking couple!
      Nice shots.

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