Michael and Marcia
      Lorien Dell
      Divide, Colorado
      September 22, 2007

      Autumn is here! Michael and Marcia chose the perfect weekend for their wedding in an aspen grove. The fall colors were beautiful, but the weather was still gorgeous. They had an outdoor ceremony and reception at Lorien Dell, a private home in Divide that is available for weddings.

      Marcia is from Brazil, while Michael is from the States. They had a long-distance relationship until Marcia moved to the United States to be with him. These two are so much in love that they would light up every time they saw each other. Marcia and Michael, congratulations to you and your whole family!

      My good friend Tamera Goldsmith photographed their wedding with me. She’s so much fun and a fantastic photographer. Check out her blog to see some of her photographs from Michael and Marcia’s wedding. Thanks, Tamera!

      The ceremony and reception site was nestled in the middle of this aspen grove.

      Getting ready

      Marcia, greeting her friends as she gets ready

      Michael, saying “Wow!” as Marcia walked down the aisle.

      Michael’s mother, giving a reading

      Marcia saying her vows, while her daughter wipes a tear

      Even the flower girl got teary-eyed!

      A hug from Michael’s mother

      A groomsman’s son got into the chocolate fountain, and then wanted a hug during the group portraits!

      This looks like a pose, but it was a candid moment that I noticed while we were organizing group portraits.

      Marcia was so cool to wander through the tall grasses in her heels!

      A clown named Dandy Lion made balloon animals for the kids. He was a huge hit!

      This is one of Tamera’s great photos from the day.
      They had a face painter for the kids, and here you see Michael’s son getting some Casper flava.

      I like eavesdropping on children’s conversations. Here he was talking about someone who is seven.



      I see that you and Mike are now in VA. Can you believe 5 years has passed since these amazing photos where taken? Marcia and I re-lived these wedding moments through your blog and it was amazing the detail that you captured, even the name of the clown. Rereading the words of our friends, family and even stranger was incredible and brought back so many emotions from this special day. Words can’t express our gratitude Marcia and I want to express for your quality work. You are an amazing Photographer!

      Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day. Sending our best to you and yours!

      Michael & Marcia

      Michael, it’s wonderful to hear from you and Marcia! It makes me happy to know that you are still enjoying the photos from your beautiful wedding. Has it really been five years? Happy anniversary, and may you always be newlyweds. 🙂

      Re: PERFEITO!!!!

      Thanks for the translation, Marcia! It’s wonderful to know that these photos can help to bridge the distance between you and your friends and family back home!

      Muchas gracias, Renata! 🙂

      Re: PERFEITO!!!!

      This comment is regarding you work, so I think you should know it! It came from an old friend of mine who loves photography and she is always taking pictures of people with her professional camera in great moments, as her favorite hobby.
      She says: ” What a wonderful wedding ceremony, like fair tales… Perfect! And what a preeeeeeetyyyyyyy place!! Wow! I loved the pictures! they reveal all the emotion of the moment. We can feel the emotion by looking the pictures! Congratulations for the photographer! they are really very good! They aren’t those traditional and repetitive kind of pictures! I loved them all! What a magical moment. My mouth is opened until now…
      You deserve all the hapyness!
      Kisses for you, Mariana and for the husband too.

      Re: Que Lindo!!

      Hey Erika

      Muito obrigada pelas palavras! Fico feliz em saber que vc gostou. Mande seu atual e-mail para o meu yahoo e-mail.


      Edilza D’Avila

      Márcia , fiquei sem palvras! A Cerimônia , a festa a emoção de vocês é contagiante dá até p/ chorar! E um sonho o que tu está passando! Parabéns , saúde , felicidades e muitos filhos , um abração Edilza do Pará…


      Márcia PARABÉNS pelo casamento liiiiiindoooooo!!
      Esse foi o casamento mais romântico que já vi, tirando os de filme é claro!! Desejo muitas felicidades pra vcs!!!
      Um grande beijo

      Re: Simply beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      Simply beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Estou emocionada, porque vivi um pouco da sua historia no passado, e sei que foi dificil, mas sempre torci muito para que voce fosse feliz, estou aqui na casa do Marquinho em Montreal, ele me mostrou suas fotos e chorei de felicidade. Milhoes de beijos e muitas felicidades com a sua nova familia.

      Que Lindo!!

      Márcia, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lindas fotos, lindo casamento!! Linda noiva!!!tudo muito romântico!! que jesus abençoe a vida de vocês, desejo muito amor pra vcs!! UM BEIJO ENORME E UM ABRAÇO BEM GRANDÃO%u2665


      Que Lindo!!

      Márcia, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lindas fotos, lindo casamento!! Linda noiva!!!tudo muito romântico!! que jesus abençoe a vida de vocês, desejo muito amor pra vcs!! UM BEIJO ENORME E UM ABRAÇO BEM GRANDÃO%u2665

      Parabéns pela Bela Cerimônia

      Olá Márcia, Parabéns pela belíssima cerimônia! Um abraço Wallace.


      Màarcia, que encanto de casamento, parece de contos de fadas…PERFEITO!!!! E que lugar é esse liiiiiiiiiiiiindo!!!!! Nossa, amei as fotos, pegou toda emoção do momento. Essa fotografa està de parabéns, ficou muito bom mesmo. Nada daquelas fotos cafonas, cansativas…EU AMEI! Que momento magico, estou babando até agora. Amiga, vc està de parabéns. Muita felicidade na sua vida, tu mereces.
      Beijão pra ti, pra Mariana e pro maridão tb.


      Tia Márcia a senhora ficou linda, aliás tudo ficou tão lindo.
      Ficou parecendo aqueles filmes romanticos.
      Sério mesmo, estou encantada!
      Beijos na Mariana por mim!

      Re: That the union may bring you wonderful dreams

      Thank you very much for your wishes !!!

      Michael & Marcia

      Re: LINDO!!!!!

      Obrigada Tamara!!
      As fotos sao memso de grante teor emocional!

      Obrigada pelo comentario em portugues, uma perfeita representacao da familia inteira, pois o que vc diz aqui e o que provavelmente toda familia diria!


      That the union may bring you wonderful dreams

      Congratulations, all you two need is love like this, for good.

      Very nice pictures!




      Chorei muito vendo as fotos, estão lindas, queria muito estar ai com vocs.
      Muitas felicidades ao casal, amo muito vcs.
      Bel̩m РPA РBrasil

      Magical Day … Awesome Photography

      Charlotte – I am dazed and absolutely amazed on both the magical aspects of this day, our perfect Colorado autumn surrounding, the energy we felt from our family and dearest friends and of course your photography. It is one thing to to have a magical moment, and yet another thing to have it captured with equally magical photography. I am humbled and feel fortunate to have both. I will forever be thankful for the photos you and Tamera have given us. You both are amazing and we were so lucky to have you and Tamera as our photographers. I hope to see you and Michael soon, so we can toast to honor such a perfectly great day! the groom : – )

      Michael & Marcia’s

      Charlotte made a fabulous job! Thanks for being so professional and make these moments of beauty and joy become eternal!!
      I am very happy with the results!

      Marcia (the bride)

      that is the prettiest wedding setting. and the bride and groom look too young to have kids!! I love his red hair and her smile!!

      I love how vibrant and colorful all the photos are, just spectactular!

      I may just have to see about getting a group together and renting a car!

      All the kids were covered in chocolate by the end of the cocktail hour! It was hilarious! I had to keep cleaning them up for their portraits.

      If possible, you should head west when you get to Denver, and go for a hike through an aspen grove. They are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. 🙂

      Re: i love the clown

      The clown and face painter were huge hits with the kids! The outdoor reception venue was great for the kids, too, because they could run around and explore the woods during the party.

      It really was a perfect day for a wedding! It’s already chilly out now, but that day was autumn perfection.

      Very beautiful indeed! And I love the groomsman’s chocolate-coated son! His eyes are as brown as the chocolate! 🙂

      Oops! Thanks for catching my typo there. 🙂

      Awesome pictures as always. I love the setting. FYI- the photo of the boy getting casper face painted is up twice.

      What a great family! Magnificent!

      I’d love to see woods like these when I’m in Denver this spring. Our woods are all pine trees with random oaks. Which I love, but it would be interesting to be exposed to another kind of woods. One where the trees aren’t all in rows. Mmm…tree farms!

      i love the clown

      the clown and face painter is such a cool idea!
      beautiful as always 🙂
      love the lighting in the trees

      These are great shots, and a beautiful location. 🙂

      She looks so beautiful – I’d have never thought she is a mommy!

      Very touching. Thank you.

      What a fabulous time of year to get married. Oh the fall colors really make for a most special setting!

      As always Charlotte, fabulous shoot.

      Charlotte Geary


      Lifestyle, event, and portrait photographer with a vibrant, joyful style and 17 years of professional experience.

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