Richard and Lizzie
      Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire
      August 30, 2008

      We went to a lovely English wedding on Saturday! Mike’s good friend Richard got married, and we flew to the UK to be there. Mike went to college at Reading University with Richard. They were lab partners at university, and after they graduated, the two of them drove around the USA together on an eight-week road trip. Richard has been a great friend to Mike through the years, and I liked him instantly when we met. He has come out to the States to visit us twice in the last few years, including a great trip to my uncle’s farm in Virginia (photos from that trip are here).

      We met Lizzie for the first time at the wedding, and she is perfect for Richard! The wedding took place at her family’s gorgeous home in a village in Wiltshire. I couldn’t believe that the weather was warm and sunny — it was probably the best weather I’ve ever seen on any of my trips to England. I took some nice portraits of the two of them in the grounds around her family’s home, and then I put away my camera to be a guest for the night.

      Congratulations, Lizzie and Richard! I hope your lovely sunshine travels with you to Barbados!

      We arrived at the church, and a very dapper Richard was greeting guests out front.

      Richard carried a pocketwatch that had belonged to his grandfather.

      I like this one of the best man, Gareth, with his daughter, Isabella. Gareth and his wife were expecting little Isabella when they attended our wedding three years ago. Now they have a second baby!

      This little cutie was sitting opposite me. I took lots of photos of the kids at the wedding!

      I find it a strange tradition that British grooms stand with their back to the bride as she walks down the aisle. Mike did that at our wedding, which surprised me. American brides always dream of the look on the groom’s face as he watches her walk down the aisle.

      They got married at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception church in Devizes. It was a beautiful church!

      I loved the look on their face when they were announced husband and wife.

      The readings took place after the announcement.

      Adorable sisters during the ceremony.

      They rode off in a a horsedrawn carriage, while guests threw rose petals.

      Several of us camped at the reception! We set up tents outside the reception area, and partied into the night.

      Lizzie’s family’s backyard was set up beautifully with colorful tents

      Here’s Richard with all his friends from Reading University. Mike is on the far right.

      There was a bouncy castle for the kids! (Of course after the kids went to bed, the castle filled with bouncing adults.)

      The children’s play area was a huge hit!

      Look at the horror on her face!

      After dinner, I took some portraits of Richard and Lizzie in the setting sunlight.

      The gorgeous top hat belonged to Lizzie’s great-grandfather.

      I’m so glad that Richard found someone as cheerful and fun-loving as Lizzie!

      Don’t they seem perfect together?

      We took a walk to the canal near the house. The light was beautiful.

      Richard let me wear the hat for a while!

      Mike and me

      Lizzie’s dad’s speech

      Lizzie’s sibling’s joined him for an embarrassing poem for Lizzie.

      Here’s Mike and his friends from college, during the speeches

      Richard was an excellent speaker!

      After the speeches, I put away my camera so I could be a guest and party with the rest of them. As a result, I ended up without photos of some of the best moments throughout the night. Fortunately Richard’s friend took some photos of Mike and me attempting synchronized flips on the bouncy castle. I can’t wait to see those.

      A live band played until midnight, and then the bride and groom left and the after-party began. I changed into jeans and danced to the iPod DJ until almost 2. There were so many thoughtful touches at this wedding — for example, just as I was feeling hungry late into the dance party, a “chip van” arrived at the reception, with free french fries for all. Niiiiice. The same van came back at 9am, to serve breakfast to those of us who camped out.

      Thank you to Lizzie’s family for hosting such a fun and thoughtful party! And thank you to Richard for being such a good friend to my Mikey through the years. Welcome to the family, Lizzie!


      Re: Our Wedding

      Hi Richard! I’m so glad you love the photos! I do hope to see the bouncycastlebackflip photos if possible. We had a blast that night.

      I do often shoot with prime lenses, and I shot much of this wedding with a 135mm f2 lens. I love that lens!

      Re: Our Wedding

      Rich just pointed me here… you’ve got some really great shots!

      Better than the chip van in the evening was that it came back to do bacon and egg butties in the morning!


      Our Wedding

      Charlotte, these pictures are truly awesome. We’re soooo pleased – THANKYOU.

      Do hope you enjoyed yourselves and glad you did put your camera down to ‘get drunk and live forever’! Will track down the bouncycastlebackflips and send them on.

      One of your friends commented that we look like we’ve stepped out of a Beeb period drama – it really felt as we were the King and Queen parading through Devizes pulled by the horses.

      The party was brilliant, and we owe it all to our amazing friends and families for their goodwill and support.

      Cheers guys :o)


      The bride and groom appear to have stepped out of a BBC-TV historical drama!

      But their outfits were soooooooooo beautiful!


      happy marriage guys

      Such lovely weather for the wedding!

      Do you normally shoot wit prime lenses? Or were you using a long lens?

      Such lovely weather for the wedding!

      Do you normally shoot wit prime lenses? Or were you using a long lens?

      You got some wonderful photos and I’m sure they appreciate it.

      They look like they were so much fun!

      That was me, I got logged out for some odd reason!

      Wonderfully captured! My sister came pretty close to attending Reading U. – she had the option of picking Reading U. in the UK or a univ near mine in NJ, and she went with the latter so she could be closer to me. But yay for coincidinks! 😀

      You capture such beautiful photos and memories!

      I love the photographs! Seems like this wedding was fantastic for guests & the bride & groom 🙂 as they all should be! 🙂 Glad you had fun!

      You capture such beautiful photos and memories!

      I love this wedding so much!
      These pictures make m so happy!
      Wow! Great, great job, I’m glad you took some time to enjoy everything. :):)

      You said it just as I was thinking it: Those two look so lovely together! They’re so obviously smitten, it’s adorable.

      Thank you for sharing their day with us!

      You were in the UK! It is a strange tradition that they stand with their backs to the bride, isn’t it

      I love the little details like the grandfathers’ hat and the parsol. Very intimate.

      Excellent shots!

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