Jessica and Scott
      Just after their wedding rehearsal
      Mary’s Hope on Church Cove,
      St. Mary’s County, Maryland
      May 4, 2007

      Congratulations to Jessica and Scott, who got married last weekend! They had their ceremony and reception at this beautiful riverside house on St. Inigoes Creek. The day before their wedding, Mike and I photographed their rehearsal at Mary’s Hope and their rehearsal dinner at Vincenzo’s Mediterranean Grill on a nearby marina. Eastern Maryland is so beautiful!

      Jessica and Scott were so much fun to photograph, because they are cheerful, lively, and slightly goofy. They kept us laughing non-stop, and we really loved spending time with them and their families and friends.

      Mary’s Hope is a beautiful riverside house with lots of grounds to explore.

      Jessica’s dad and grandmother explored in a fun golfcart!

      Jessica and her sisters wanted in on the fun!

      A swing built for two.

      Jessica’s parents watching the rehearsal

      Scott’s dad with Jessica’s parents

      This picture and the next one are great examples of the strength of a two-person photo team. I took this photo of Jessica and Scott just after they had left their rehearsal. The wide angle and wedding rehearsal in the background are great for telling the story of this moment.

      At the same moment, Mike was shooting from the other side, using a long lens to isolate the two of them in front of the red barn. This photo shows a more beautiful, romantic perspective. The funny thing is that I like Mike’s photo better, and he prefers mine.

      The matron of honor and the best man, leaving the rehearsal

      Jessica and her parents

      A hug from the best man

      Off to the rehearsal dinner, on the waterfront in Dowell, Maryland

      The sun was setting outside their window

      Jessica and her grandmother

      Wedding venue: Mary’s Hope on Church Cove
      Rehearsal dinner: Vincenzo’s Mediterranean Grill

      Next: Photos from their wedding!


      Totally! I keep hoping to find ones like that here. But it’s all small town people who don’t like to go far out of the traditional-formal box. *sigh*

      Dearest Charlotte and Mike,

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your skill and sensitivity has produced the most stunning images. We are blessed beyond measure by your talent. Thank you for sharing in our biggest joy to date!

      -Jessica and Scott

      Thanks, Andrea! That house and all the grounds were just beautiful. 🙂

      Thanks! That was such a cool swing. I can’t believe I never took a minute to swing on it myself!

      Thanks! I was right up on that swing, and they were cracking up because they kept coming really close to kicking me in the head. I do some stupid stuff in the name of photography. 😉

      I really did luck out! Jessica cracked me up, too. I swear I have some of the coolest clients in the world.

      Awesome photos, and people.
      I love the second picture, that house is gorgeous!

      Looks like a fun day. I like the swing shot in particular!

      I love all of these!! What a fun group :)! I especially love the swing picture; nice angle on that one!

      You lucked out, lady! Such a fun crew! Jessica cracks me up. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

      Charlotte Geary


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