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      1. Wear clothes that flatter you.
      Well-fitting clothes make you look your best. Dark jeans tend to be more flattering than light jeans. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, wear sleeves. Even if that cute top looks great on the hanger, it might not look good on your body type. When in doubt, choose a simple outfit and let your face be the focal point of the photos.

      If you’re selecting a wedding gown, trust the opinion of the salon’s consultant. I can’t tell you how many times a bride has said that she ended up buying a style of gown that she swore she wouldn’t get, because the consultant knew that it would be the most beautiful gown on her figure. Even the most gorgeous women I know don’t look like the 5’10”, size 2 models that appear in fashion magazines, so you need to rely on the mirror and professional advice when choosing your gown. If you suspect that the salon’s staff are more manipulative than honest, then find a new salon with staff that you trust.

      2. Wear simple, but effective makeup.
      It is a myth that you need to wear heavy makeup for the sake of the camera. The camera works pretty much the same as a mirror — if you look good in a mirror, then you’ll look good in pictures. Make sure that your makeup looks good both indoors and outdoors.Your makeup shouldn’t look much different from the way that you normally wear it. You don’t want to look like a different person in your photographs, or else you won’t like the pictures.

      3. Consider airbrush makeup.
      If you have any concerns about your complexion, considering hiring an airbrush makeup artist. A skilled professional can conceal pimples, scars, and blotchiness with an airbrush. It’s remarkable, really.

      4. Watch out for tanning.
      I’m a stickler for sunscreen. Wear it for a couple weeks before your photo shoot, and embrace your natural skin color. If you really want to be tan for your photos, then do it carefully. If you are going to tan naturally, make sure that your skin tone is even without tan lines. If you are going to use a spray-on tan, make sure that your skin doesn’t look orange or streaky. Another risk of spray tanning is that it can stain wedding gowns if it isn’t done properly.Something to keep in mind for group portraits, including wedding photos, is that you are likely to be standing next to several members of your family. If you are the only person in the group who is tan, your skin color may look artificial.

      5. Consider the weather when choosing a hairstyle.
      If you know that your hair gets frizzy in the humidity, you may want to have it professionally blown straight. If the forecast calls for wind, it could be best to wear your hair up.

      6. Bring hair pins, lip gloss, blotting papers, and/or a hair brush.
      You may need to touch up your hair or makeup during a photo shoot, so be prepared. On your wedding day, have a friend or coordinator carry any items that you may need during the day.

      7. Even men need tidy nails.
      Trim or file your nails, and moisturize your hands and cuticles.

      8. Wear lip balm for a week or so before the photo shoot.
      If you have dry lips, prepare them with lip balm for several days before your photos are taken.

      9. Skip the glitter.
      Sparkly makeup is only effective when seen in person or in video. Still photographs don’t show sparkle — instead glitter will look like spots.

      10. Most importantly, be expressive.
      No matter how great you look, the success of your photos depends upon your expressions. I will do everything I can to help you feel comfortable and make the photo shoot fun. Your job is to enjoy the moments, feel each emotion deeply, laugh, and love.



      impressive tips…what i really like to know is what are the best facial expression during shots..

      These are great tips that I would love to send my brides to. Thanks

      Great list of ideas. Some of these are really good tips to get some great photos.

      That would be great, thanks!
      It’s fun to meet a fellow photographer named Charlotte, btw. 🙂

      Loved this post… so helpful!!!! I’m an amateur photographer and would love to post a link to your post on my blog. Would that be okay w/you?

      #10 is more important than the rest combined. It is the first thing the eye goes to. Some people are not particularly good at smiling on cue. Others tend to have the exact same expression in every photograph. So while I found this posting informative, I wish there was more advice here.

      Great tips!

      Particularly like the one about the spray-on tans. Its way too easy to end up looking like an orange, especially when you’re standing next to Great Aunt Martha who hasn’t seen daylight since last summer.

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      Actually I prefer to photograph pregnant women clothed — I think that a cute maternity outfit can be really pretty and more natural looking than a bare tummy. If you’re concerned about stretch marks, I recommend that you pick a pretty dress or top instead of bare skin. 🙂

      my pet peeve is shiny grooms next a flawless bride. excellent tips!

      Any tips for maternity shots? I’d love to get some maternity pictures taken locally, but am afraid that my stomach is just going to look awful unclothed. I’m covered in bright red stretch marks from my two in utero.

      Any tips for maternity shots? I’d love to get some maternity pictures taken locally, but am afraid that my stomach is just going to look awful unclothed. I’m covered in bright red stretch marks from my two in utero.

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