Amanda Tipton, me, and Debi Tipton
      With our matching Shootsacs
      August 19, 2008

      Last night I was photographing a rehearsal dinner, when I encountered a photographer who was shooting another party on the other side of the building. We chuckled when we saw that we were carrying Shootsacs with the same cover! Then it turned out that her daughter and photo partner had the same cover, too. So we asked a passerby take a picture of the three of us. Meet my new friends with fabulous taste, Debi and Amanda Tipton!



      Hey Charlotte

      It’s great to know someone with such fabulous taste. Hope all went well at the Broadmoor on Saturday. It was such a wonderful day to be shooting outdoors. We’ll be looking for you around town.

      Debi Tipton

      That’s awesome. I have yet to see someone with the same cover as mine. But I know of at least one other person with it, so you never know. :o)

      Sure enough! I hadn’t noticed that. I think I like the one on the right the best.

      the design pattern on your bag is slightly different than the other two!

      edit: rather it looks like they were all cut of the same fabric, but yours was cut in a different place than the other womens bags – there’s was almost cut in the same place, but not quite.

      wow. whats wrong with me lol

      That is awesome you all randomly, never met before, have the same shootsacs.

      That’s AWESOME.

      Charlotte Geary


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