I recently photographed a family with a six-month-old baby girl and two Shiba Uno dogs at their home in Great Falls. This year was a huge one for them — their daughter was born and they bought and they moved into their new home. I wanted their portraits to feature the house as well as their family, so years from now they can remember the exciting feeling of starting a family in their dream home.

      Photo tip:
      For the interior photos, I wanted their new home to be showcased as part of their portraits, so I decided to fill the space with light. I lit the photos with a single Godox AD400Pro (affiliate), which I bounced at an angle on the white wall and ceiling. The light reflected around the room and created a soft but bright light with just enough directional shadows to add depth.

      The AD400 is a new addition to my collection, and I’m loving it. You don’t need a fancy light for this kind of photo, though — you can also create this kind of light with an off-camera flash, or even an on-camera flash that is bounced skillfully. I prefer the AD400, though, because it is more powerful, consistent, reliable, and convenient than a flash.

      The outdoor photos were lit with natural light. We had some beautiful setting sunlight that afternoon.

      Would you like me to photograph your family, too? Browse the photos in my Families and Kids gallery, and then contact me to tell me all about your own family.

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