I have been working with an architecture firm on a few projects over the last few months — they are using large prints of my art photos for permanent installations in spaces they are designing. For one of their projects they need evening photos of the fountain at Dupont Circle, but I didn’t have any in my archive, so they hired me to take new ones. I headed into DC early on a November evening, and watched as the sun faded from sunset into twilight.

      Those of you who have been following me for years (hi! I really appreciate you!) will know that twilight blue skies are sort of my trademark. I love shooting at that time of day, so this was a fun project.

      This photo with the circling scooter lights and blurred pedestrians is probably my favorite.

      If you’d like to purchase prints or gifts of any of these photos, you can find them in my DC Area gallery in my online shop.

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