Is it worth it to get up before sunrise and head to the Tidal Basin, you might be wondering. Is it worth the huge crowds? Is it worth the difficult parking and long walking distances? The answer is an absolute yes.

      The DC cherry blossoms astound me every time I see them. They are a 2-mile waterfront path with 2000 trees all in bloom. It’s really difficult for a camera to capture the grandeur, so if you are able to experience them in person, you won’t regret it.

      I woke up really early one morning and treated myself to a blissful sunrise in the pink blossoms. I also made a separate trip one afternoon, to catch the sunset views. (For those who are wondering, you can see great views of the sunrise from the FDR memorial or MLK, Jr. memorial, and views of the sunset from the Jefferson Memorial. Unless, of course, you want to keep your back to the sun and see the soft light hitting the blossoms, in which case you should switch my advice around.)

      Here are my views of the magic of the DC cherry blossoms, from sun up to sun down.

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