Dad, Robby, and Kenna
Just an ordinary day with my family
Annandale, Virginia
April, 2007

Here my dad is doing his best to feed himself while taking care of his grandkids. Meanwhile Kenna is drowning her corn in ketchup. Priceless.

I sat down at dinner next to Kenna, and laughed when I saw how she eats her corn on the cob.

Except she wasn’t actually eating the corn part.

She would squirt some ketchup on her corn, put the bottle down, and then ask my dad to please pass the ketchup.

She did this TWELVE times during dinner. I counted.


so cute

these are so great, ketchup goes with everything!

so cute

these are so great, ketchup goes with everything!

Such cute, fun, humorous photos. 🙂 I wonder how that corn tasted with all that ketchup…


and i spy fiestaware! my fave!

My mother and I think that this first photo perfecty captures our family. Moments like these are what add up to make our very happy life.

Thanks! I do enhance photos in Photoshop, but this particular batch was pretty much right out of the camera. I don’t do a lot of work to my personal family photos. Life’s too short. 😉

About half of our couples want to see each other before the ceremony, and half don’t. Personally I prefer to take the pictures beforehand, because it gets really rushed and hectic to do all the formals between the ceremony and reception. At our own wedding, Mike and I saw each other before the wedding, and we were really glad we did. It was great to have some private time together before all the festivities began.

Of course, with our clients, we leave that decision entirely up to them. Lots of people feel strongly that they want their first sighting to be when the bride walks down the aisle, and I totally respect that.

All that stuff that people say about why you should have kids that does not convey in words is perfectly conveyed in that grandpa-grandchildren photo.

You are so talented. I’m So glad you always have your camera with you!

i love your style. do you optimize these in photoshop?

mind if i add you?

Ha, I’ve got to try that.

LoL- its so funny how kids put ketchup on Everything! i notice you don’t say “catsup”… 🙂

LOL! Kids never cease amazing me. 🙂
Very cute!

Ha…how cute! My niece eats several foods, including pasta covered in ketchup. She does tend to eat whatever she smothers in ketchup, though.

lol – great series of shots :0

Yikes! Ketchup on corn! hehehehe Very cute pics 🙂

I LOVE her static hair! 🙂

Ketchup on the corn tho? EEhhhh…not so sure about that one!

Awww that is adorable!

AHHH I love her staticy hair!!!

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