Jeff and Danielle
      Wild Basin Lodge
      Allenspark, Colorado
      August 14, 2010

      Saturday was the perfect day for a mountain wedding, and the Wild Basin Lodge is always a gem. Danielle and Jeff got married there alongside a stream, and then celebrated with an dinner for 40 of their closest friends. I loved how the wedding preparations were a group effort — the cake, flowers, music, and decor were all created by their friends and family.The staff at Wild Basin Lodge were excellent to work with, and took great care of Jesse and me. They even offered to accommodate any of our dietary restrictions or allergies, which is a rare treat for wedding vendors. I was truly impressed by the level of their service. Highly recommended.

      Wild Basin Lodge river
      The venue sits alongside a mountain stream. (Photo by Jesse)

      Hummingbird and bee

      Wild Basin Lodge
      Danielle and the ladies spent the first part of the day getting their makeup done on their balcony.

      Wild Basin Lodge mountains
      The view from the balcony

      Bride getting ready

      Danielle had propped a photo of Jeff on her mirror to keep her company as she got ready.

      Flower girl getting ready
      Flower girl Gracie on her tip toes.

      Bride at Wild Basin Lodge

      Necklace on bridal bouquet
      Danielle carried her grandmother’s necklace around the base of her bouquet of lilies.

      Groom getting ready
      Meanwhile, Jeff and the guys got ready in a nearby cabin. (Photo by Jesse)


      Groom with dogs
      Yogi and Rudy got dressed up for the occasion.

      A photo of Danielle’s recently deceased father stood in the chair where he would have been seated. Danielle’s brother walked her down the aisle.

      Wild Basin Lodge wedding
      The ceremony took place in an amphitheater along the river.

      Flower girl in brown dress
      The adorable flower girl wore a brown dress and a pale pink floral headband.

      Wild Basin Lodge wedding

      Bride and groom in aspen trees

      Red wedding reception
      The reception was arranged with two long tables that joined at a sweetheart table in the middle.

      The entire meal was vegetarian! I’m not usually able to try a little bit of everything, but this time I did, and it was delicious!

      First dance
      First dance

      Wild Basin Lodge

      Photographer: Charlotte Geary
      Second photographer: Jesse Starr
      Venue: Wild Basin Lodge


      Did you catch that honey bee to the right of the hummingbird feeder? Trying to zoom on in. That is one photo I would love to save.

      I just LOVE that…. not sure what is going on in Colorado, but in the SouthEast, nectar dries up and honeybees will go to hummingbird feeders. Sometimes you will see red nectar in the hive… It is a hoot!

      Anyway, not to take away from your amazing photography. Have been a quiet fan for years. Just beautiful work.

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      Me too…

      How thoughtful, beautiful and sad.


      Me too…

      How thoughtful, beautiful and sad.


      Wow…the picture of the picture of her father…I’m sitting here sobbing.

      Very beautiful!!

      The hummingbird one was one of my favorites, too!

      Lovely photos!

      …has anyone ever told Jeff that he looks like Ken Burns? 😛

      I love that they had an entirely vegetarian meal, too. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat a lot of meat, and I do eat and cook vegetarian fare from time to time, and I love those dishes that are cooked with love and care. I will basically eat anything that’s tasty.

      In looking at menus for formal, atered events, I’ve seen that a lot of people tend to see vegetarian fare as an afterthought– that there’s the roast beef or chicken, the seafood, and then… the “vegetarian”; it’s this formless, catch-all thing that has no description. That’s a shame, because good vegetarian fare is something that everybody can eat.

      LOVE that they had an entirely vegetarian meal! If we ever do a vow renewal & a meal, it’ll be all veg :). Jon and I are going to a wedding soon (just got the invite) that doesn’t even technically have a veggie offering :(. Hopefully they can just give us veggies & bread, haha.

      Also, the hummingbird photo is so captivating!

      Love all the pics as usual 🙂

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