Saturday, August 10th was one of the most fun days of the year here in my neighborhood! Reston Museum hosted their third annual Cardboard Boat Regatta, and it was a huge success. More than 50 teams of creative people raced in boats they had built out of cardboard and duct tape, and the results were just as hilarious as you might expect. Crowds were massive — I’d never seen so many people at Lake Anne Plaza — and it was great to see so many people coming out to support such a great event. I love my neighborhood so much.

      This hilarious regatta is a beloved annual tradition that supports the Reston Historic Trust and Museum. I’m on the Board of RHT, so it’s a cause that is close to my heart. Huge thanks to all the participants, organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for a day that was a ton of fun!

      The opening races were teams from local schools. Here some elementary students are cheering for their teams.
      Students built the schools’ boats, and their principals paddled them! This is the principal of Dogwood Elementary.
      The principal of Lake Anne Elementary paddled her students’ dolphin boat.
      I love this shot of the principals of Lake Anne Elementary and Dogwood Elementary.
      The principal of Langston Hughes Middle School sank and had to be rescued by paddle board!
      Crowds lined both sides of the lake. I’d never seen so many people there!

      There was an aerial yoga demonstration during the intermission.
      Some of the lifeguards were inspired by the demonstration.

      The Reston Association team made it to the finish line just as their boat sank!

      I love the water pouring off him in this picture.

      The Lake Anne Brew House team had a huge victory (complete with beer cupholders in their boat).

      At the end of the day, emcee Andy Sigle leapt into the lake!


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