We just returned from two weeks in my husband’s hometown of Wells, Somerset in southwest England. I have visited that area many times during the 15 years that he and I have been together, and I will never tire of its magnificent views. I know I should play it cool there. Wells where Mike’s family lives, so I shouldn’t let myself look like a dorky tourist. But this place is delightful and historic, and so unlike my Virginia home. Mike and I will be strolling through Wells in decades to come, and I’ll still be taking pictures of that amazing place with my giant tourist camera.

      This trip was particularly special because my parents came, too. The last time they were in England was 2005 for our wedding, so it was a rare and treasured experience to have both sets of our parents in one place again. Mike and I loved showing my parents around Somerset and sharing that beautiful place with them.

      Here are some scenes from our wonderful trip.

      Dulles airport at sunrise
      Sunrise stripes at Dulles airport


      Wells Vicars Close
      My parents in Vicar’s Close in Wells, the oldest continually inhabited street in Europe (people have lived in these homes since the 1400s)


      Croquet at Bishop's Palace in Wells, Somerset
      A very civilised game of croquet on the lawn of the Bishop’s Palace in Wells


      Family portrait at Wells Cathedral
      Happy Katie at the Wells Cathedral


      Wells Cathedral and Vicar's Close
      Setting sun and rising moon at Vicar’s Close and the Wells Cathedral


      Wells, Somerset High Street
      I did some people-watching on Wells High Street — I love the musician’s mohawk, the views of the Cathedral, and the boy’s hand on his mother’s back.


      Wells Cathedral birds and moon
      Birds at the Wells Cathedral


      Children at Bishop's Palace in Wells, Somerset
      My adventurous kids exploring the Bishop’s Palace in Wells


      Wells Cathedral swans
      A mother swan and her babies in the Bishop’s Palace moat. Apparently the Queen owns all the swans in the UK.


      Wells Cathedral stairs
      The well-worn staircase that leads to the ancient Chapter House in Wells Cathedral


      Wells Cathedral stairs
      This part of Wells Cathedral dates back to the year 1200, and feels like something out of Lord of the Rings.


      Wells Market Square long jump
      Testing an Olympic long jump record distance in Wells Market Square


      Wells Cathedral from the side
      Exploring the grounds of Wells Cathedral


      Getting a close-up look of the stained glass window (and staircase) at the Bishop’s Palace


      One of the homes along Vicar’s Close. Families have lived in this house for 600 years.


      Cat at the Swan Hotel in Wells
      A cat in the lobby of the Swan Hotel in Wells

      This friendly cat loved to visit with the guests in the lobby of my parents’ hotel in England. One evening I got down on the floor to photograph her with the Wells Cathedral in the background, but as soon as I got to her level, she hurried over to say hello to me. An employee of the Swan Hotel noticed that I missed my shot, so he picked up the cat and asked where I would like her to be placed for my photo. ? How’s that for wonderful customer service?


      Kiddie pool jump
      Playtime in Nana’s back garden


      Nunney village in Somerset
      A street scene in the village of Nunney, Somerset


      Nunney castle in Somerset
      Daniel peeking out of Nunney Castle in Somerset

      This is Nunney Castle, which was built in the 1300s. My parents have spent many years researching our family history, and they’ve learned that my mother is a direct descendant of Richard Prater, a former owner of this castle. Prater was a crown loyalist and a Roman Catholic, so in 1645 the Parliamentary army destroyed his home. Most of the castle walls and most are still in good shape, though. We had fun exploring the ruins and pretending it was our family castle.


      Nunney castle in Somerset
      Nunney Castle in Somerset


      Nunney castle in Somerset
      The village of Nunney and its castle


      Nunney village in Somerset
      My boys strolling through Nunney


      Little girl with hydrangeas
      Katie loved all the summer hydrangeas almost as much as I did.


      My wonderful parents at the Bishop’s Palace


      The same spot on our wedding day in 2005, and our 13th anniversary in 2018

      And finally, my favorite photo from the trip was a recreation of a wedding photo on our anniversary. We spent our 13th anniversary eating dinner with our parents at the same hotel where we got married 13 years ago. We were able to take an updated photo where we got married, with some of the key players and two new additions to the family! I love these photos and will always treasure them.

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