Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak | Photo by Charlotte Geary

      A massive wildfire has destroyed miles of Colorado’s beautiful Front Range, including hundreds of homes in northwest Colorado Springs.  The fire is spreading, and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes all over the region.  You can see horrifying photos of the fire at the Denver Post.

      I lived in Colorado Springs for six years. My heart is breaking as I watch the news and see the destruction of so many places that I know.  I’m thinking of you, my Colorado Springs friends, and the city that we love. I hope you and your houses are safe.

      As countless people lose their homes this week, I’m reminded to take a moment to appreciate the roof over my head and the special belongings around me. I encourage you to do the same.

      Today I read an interview with an evacuee who grabbed his wedding photos before fleeing his house. It gave me chills to think that perhaps some of the 18,000 evacuees chose to save the photos that I or my friends took for them.

      If any of my Colorado Springs clients have lost their photos in this fire, please contact me at I have all my images archived, and I will send you anything you need. I really hope none of you are in that situation. My thoughts are with you tonight.

      Charlotte Geary


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