Lily at Lake Newport | Photo by Charlotte Geary

      Danny sat patiently in his stroller as I lay on my stomach on a dock to get this shot. It’s a water lily on Lake Newport, here in Reston, Virginia. I love the way the reflection of the green trees creates a wavy leading line to draw attention to the blossom. The early morning light is beautiful here.

      The key to this photo was my low angle. Lying on my stomach on the dock got me low enough to reveal much of the flower’s reflection. The flower was in direct sunlight that was soft and lovely because it was so early in the morning. If I had taken the picture later in the day, the harsh midday sun would wash out the white flower and be far less pretty. The green leading line toward the flower is a reflection of the green trees beyond the lake. My wide aperture kept that reflection out of focus and therefore enhancing the flower, rather than distracting from it.

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      Charlotte Geary


      Lifestyle, event, and portrait photographer with a vibrant, joyful style and 17 years of professional experience.

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