Over the holiday weekend, I photographed a little boy named Lincoln! He was the sweetest little 20-month-old, who was visiting with his parents (and sibling-to-be) from Colorado. Since it was his first visit to the DC area, there was one perfect location for portraits of Lincoln’s family.

      They were just adorable. And you’d never know how tired the little traveler was, because he was just so cheerful and smiley. You would also never know from these pictures that the Lincoln Memorial and surrounding areas were packed with tourists. Apparently we aren’t the only people who wanted to visit the memorials on Memorial Day weekend.

      The crowds were huge and the mid-day sun was intense, but they trusted me to make it work. Now we all love the results!

      The shaded path along the reflecting pool offered soft, flattering light for nice portraits, but we did have to wait for breaks in the crowd flow.

      For several of the photos at the reflecting pool, I kept their backs to the sun, and used the white concrete as a natural reflector to brighten their faces.

      I crouched very low to the ground, not only to get down to Lincoln’s perspective, but also to get the Capitol Building and flags in the frame.

      By shooting with a telephoto lens from far away, I was able to make the Capitol Building look larger in the background, even though it is about a mile away from that spot.

      I loved photographing this family’s vacation memories! If you are planning to travel to the DC area and would like me to help you document your trip, please contact me and tell me about it. I would love to do something like this for you.

      For those of you interested in having your photos taken at the DC memorials, do note that a photography permit is required for these locations. It’s not difficult to acquire a permit, but it does require additional cost and planning at least a few weeks in advance. It’s so worth it, though!

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