Most of Virginia lights up in brilliant fall colors each November, but Reston is particularly gorgeous this time of year. This area has more mature trees than most urban or suburban areas — it’s basically a city within a forest. During the summer, those trees cast refreshing shade around town. Then during the fall, they are magnificent.

      Here are some of the photos I took in the Reston area this season.

      Reston,, Virginia in the fall

      Spider web covered in rain drops

      Rain drops on fall leaves

      Fall leaves at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia

      Heart in a fall leaf

      Fall at Lake Anne in Reston, virginia

      Fall family hike at Riverbend Park in Great Falls, Virginia

      Fall at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia

      Remote controlled sailboats at Lake Anne in Reston, Northern Virginia

      Fall at Lake Anne in Reston, Northern Virginia

      raindrops on roses

      Fall leaves at lake Anne in Reston, Northern Virginia

      Raindrops on a spiderweb with a spider


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