How was your Fourth of July? We celebrated for two days here in Reston, with a fireworks show on Saturday, and an all-day lake party on Wednesday. Here’s how Reston does July 4th.

      Reston Fourth of July fireworks

      After living here for seven years, we finally went to the Lake Fairfax fireworks show for the first time. It was much better than I’d expected! The kids loved it. Four-year-old Katie squealed gleefully with every explosion, and called out, “This is my dream come true!”

      Fireworks at Lake Fairfax in Reston, Virginia

      I brought my tripod and took some photos of the fireworks over the lake. The key to successful fireworks photos is a tripod — you need a long enough exposure to capture the streaks of light in the sky.

      Child with tripod and fireworks

      Here’s an example of a phone photo of the fireworks — without a tripod and long exposure, the lights in the sky look like spots instead of streaks. I took this photo to show my seven-year-old son using my tripod. I taught him how to do it, and he got an amazing photo! Check this one out:

      Fourth of July at Lake Fairfax

      Daniel took that one! It was the prettiest fireworks photo of the day, and he is the one who took it! Way to go, Dan. If anyone wants to buy this photo, please let me know. He would be so proud to sell a print of it.

      A few days later was July 4th, and we celebrated with our annual tradition of cookout, a community party on the lake, and boating during the impromptu fireworks over Lake Anne.


      Here I am with some of my family, decked out in our finest patriotic colors.

      Swimming kids jumping into Lake Anne in Reston

      Sometimes I think our kids will never understand how lucky they are to have this lake as their backyard.

      Child on the Fourth of July

      Child with sparkler on the 4th of July

      This photo cracks me up! Katie wasn’t so sure about the concept of holding things that are on fire.

      Fourth of July at Lake Anne in Reston

      Finally she got the hang of it.

      Child with sparkler on the 4th of July

      Sparkler on the Fourth of July

      Reston Fourth of July

      At the end of the evening, we headed out on our boat and watched the neighbors set off fireworks. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love this community.

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