The latest contest results are in from the Wedding Photojournalist Association, and I placed twice this time. Some of my favorite photographers from around the world are members of the WPJA, so it’s an honor to place among all that talent. Congratulations to my friends who won awards, too!

      Wedding of Jean and Clint

      Twelfth place: Departures
      Judges’ comments: This image is a good example of the old expression “Fly on the wall.” The moment of the couple relaxing together was captured beautifully as though the newlyweds were alone together.

      CigarsGroomsmen smoking cigars at Lionscrest Manor
      Thirteenth place: Full frame black and white
      Judges’ comments: Interesting moment of two men enjoying blowing their smoke rings. Nice tonal qualities and light.

      That brings my total number of WPJA awarded photos to 15… not too shabby! The WPJA has new member profile pages, with bios and galleries of our winning photos. You can find my award winners HERE If you’d like to see all the winners of this quarter’s contests, and some truly great examples of my favorite style of wedding photography, you can find them here:

      And of course, you can find my website here:


      Beautiful, beautiful images so full of character. Well done! The awards were well deserved!

      Re: Congratulations!

      Hi Jean!

      I’m so glad that you love that photo as much as I do! Thank for for letting me witness and document such a beautiful moment.



      Hi Charlotte,
      It’s Jean from the limo picture above. I was just checking in on your blog, and I saw that the photo placed at the WPJA photo contest. Clint & I are thrilled! We’ve consistently labeled it as our favorite photo together (ever, not just wedding!), so I’m happy to see that it received 12th place.
      Congratulations, and thank you again for capturing our wedding memories.

      agreed, B&W really pulls you in even more

      Thanks, Mip! That “emotion” photo is one of my favorites, too. I redid it in black and white for my new website, and I much prefer it that way:

      Congrats! Great work, as always.

      Your 2006 “Emotion” photo winner is one of my favorite Charlotte photos of all time. I believe you also took a shot of those couple playing on the swings, which I loved.

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