Molly, Timmy, Kenna, Paul, and Robby
      Arlington, Virginia
      August 14, 2007

      Who wants to see more photos of my brother’s kids? (I do! I do!) Here are some pictures I took of the family on our last night in Virginia earlier this month.

      These kids don’t like to sit still for pictures!

      Kenna got a cute little haircut.

      Mike was helping me with my reflector, but took a break to play with Kenna.

      I think Robby is going to grow up to look just like his dad.

      Kenna is such a sweet big sister.

      Robby with my dad

      The girls

      The boys

      These guys are so cute. They were high school sweethearts, and they’ve been together 14 years!

      After some pictures, we had a rooftop dinner overlooking the DC skyline.

      The Pentagon and Washington Monument


      awesome, thank you for your reply!

      Thanks! They are so amazingly adorable!

      Aw, thanks! They are the cutest family!

      I wish I had! I didn’t think to take any more, but I should have!

      I have Mike stand as close as he can get without being in the photo, so that distance varies quite a bit for each picture. I prefer the silver/gold side, I suppose. Actually I’ve never looked closely to see if it’s silver gold, or white gold, but my favorite is the light gold one with the checkerboard-type pattern. 😉

      I’m glad you like the photos… they make me grin, too!

      OMG… what a freaking adorable family! 🙂

      I love Kenna’s new haircut. Did you get any more pictures of her in her fairy gear?

      Your neice and nephews are adorable! The pictures of Kenna with Timmy are so sweet. 🙂 They are a cute family!

      awesome as always! just a Q (as always from me)- when mike is assisting you with the reflector- how close do you have him come to your clients. and do you prefer gold, silver or silver/gold?

      thanks for sharing- your family is blessed to have you about to capture their special moments! 🙂

      They have the most ADORABLE family. Kenna’s pictures always make me grin!

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