Red Rock Canyon Open Space
      Colorado Springs
      July 21, 2010

      Marlayna is an outdoorsy senior at Vista Ridge High School, who wanted a mountain setting for her senior portraits. She chose my favorite local park, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, which gave us great locations and beautiful evening light. Good luck to you, Marlayna, as you finish high school!


      I have been looking for some creative ideas for a photo shoot at Red Rock Canyon. I checked it out a few weeks ago and had some inspiration but was hoping to find more. I’ve looked at quite a few different photo shoots from there and I have to say, this one is by far the best! Love it!!

      That first shot is spectacular! Such great lighting and colors.

      I think the top one is my favourite, you have two focal points and it’s almost like two different pictures put together. The ones that include the landscape seem to make more of your model.

      Beautiful “office” space there! Senior is beautiful, love the image where she is walking and laughing. Great work!

      What a pretty girl! I love that she’s smiling in so many of them, and that it looked really natural.



      these are fab! love the first one and the second to last one!

      Beautiful photos, Charlotte. I love them all!

      Gorgeous work… as always Charlotte! Love the focal points and everything along with it!

      I love that one with Marlayna in the dress with the sunlight coming over the rocks. With her long straight blonde hair it has a real sixties vibe to it. 🙂

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