Tim, Mocha, Kim, and Niko
      Silver Spring, Maryland

      My friends Kim and Tim are having a baby this summer! This baby boy will be their first child, and I’m so excited for them. Kim, Tim, and I all used to work together at K12, a curriculum development company in Virginia. Kim and I were officemates and got into all kinds of excellent trouble together… ah, those were the days.

      It worked out great that Kim’s current coworkers planned a surprise shower for her on the very same day that she and I had scheduled a maternity portrait session. I surprised her by showing up at her office to photograph her reaction to the party! Afterward we went back to their house to take photos and watch SYTYCD. That’s my kind of night.

      Congratulations, Kim and Tim! I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

      The baby’s daddy and grandfather are both firefighters, so this was a perfect party theme.


      A hug for her husband, whom she hadn’t expected to see at her office!

      The onesie says “Locally Grown,” which is perfect because Kim works at the Farm Bureau!

      I won’t post too many photos of her baby shower, because I don’t know her coworkers well enough to know if they’d like to show up here. 😉 It was great to meet them that day!

      After the shower, Kim gave us a tour of her office. She’s a video editor, and I was awestruck by all the fancy equipment she knows how to operate. I think she was showing me the “play” button here. Yeah, she was probably making fun of me. 😉

      Apparently Kim gets paid to play Guitar Hero. I’ve never going to sympathize with her if she ever complains about her job.

      OK, on to the portraits, as originally scheduled!


      Here Tim is talking to the baby, and Mocha is confused!

      We took some photos in the baby’s still unfurnished nursery.


      Re: Tim & Kim’s pics

      Annette! Great to hear from you! What antics? I have no idea what you are talking about…. ;0)

      Thanks for the kudos! Isn’t Char amazing? She is a master for sure! =0)

      Hey Maureen! Thank you so much! We are really excited! I think we might be the first K12 baby!!!! I can’t wait to bring him to K12 so you all can meet him! HeHe! =0)


      Hey Jen! Hey Char! Thanks for the kudos, we are really excited and really nervous! =0) Char captured us PERFECTLY! She is a master at photography!

      Charlotte, these — as always — are stellar. Kim is just a beautiful mother-to-be and the comments here seem to indicate that you’ve captured her wonderfully.

      Those are two of my favorites, too, thanks!

      Aw, thanks! I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying my photos!

      Thanks for the link… I’ll go check it out!


      Hi Jen! I love the shadow photo, too! I call it “pregnant Hitchcock.” 😉 I love the contrasting primary colors in that one, too.

      I’m glad you like the photos! Kim is such an adorable mommy-to-be.

      The trick to that kind of effect is a large aperture. I think I shot that one at f2.8, which will give a very narrow depth of field. Good luck!

      Thanks! I love the one with their hands on the belly, too. 🙂

      Hi Maureen!! It’s great to hear from you! Kim and Tim are just so happy and funny… I’m glad you think the photos capture that!

      I love the emptiness of the nursery, with just a hint of a little boy with the window valance. That room will be so full of life soon that these photos will really show their anticipation.

      Re: Tim & Kim’s pics

      Hi Annette!! It’s great to hear from you! I’m so glad that you think these photos really show the true Kim and Tim. That kind of feedback is great from someone who knows them.

      I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for saying hi!

      They really are! I’m glad you can tell from the pictures.

      Great portraits as always!
      I love the last one with the shadow, and the one of Tim talking to the baby and the dog thinking he’s nuts.

      i’m a great admirer of your work! it makes my day just to come here and find new posted photos from you! thanks!

      p.s. you should join this: http://www.photographybooknow.com/awards.html

      am sure you’ll impress the judges!!!!


      Hi Char, Jen here. Kim and Tim look so so happy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shadow photo! So cool! Nice work!

      Hi Kim and Tim! You guys look so great and I am so happy for you!

      Jen Akers

      Oh… may favorite is the one of Mocha. Did you use a manual focus to get that effect where her nose AND the backround are blurred out? I’ve tried a couple pictures like that using various techniques and they never work out.

      Oh… may favorite is the one of Mocha. Did you use a manual focus to get that effect where her nose AND the backround are blurred out? I’ve tried a couple pictures like that using various techniques and they never work out.

      awwww! these are so cute!! i love the b&w one of both their hands on her belly. 🙂

      Hi Charlotte..It’s Maureen from K12, too! Your photos are really incredible! You have captured the happy Kim and Tim I adore so much!

      Beautiful pictures! They look so happy. I love the pictures in the unfurnished nursery and the last one.

      Tim & Kim’s pics

      Hey Charlotte! It’s Annette, your former K12 roommate who witnessed your and Kim’s antics firsthand! What a lot of laughs! These photos are fabulous; they really convey the happy couple’s own laughs and great relationship. I’m glad I get to see Kim periodically since I still work w/Tim. Take care, Charlotte!!

      Too cute! They look so happy!
      I love the rings on the belly picture 🙂

      Great photos! Kim and Tim look like such a nice, fun, happy couple.

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